Will Nexplay Evos roar as the better team this time around, or will Omega take another shot at their long-time rival?

Will Nexplay Evos roar as the better team this time around, or will Omega take another shot at their long-time rival?
Publish Date 26 Aug 2022
Author Marc Corrales
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Nexplay Evos and Omega meet again - one team sits as an underdog, and the other hungry for more than just a runner up spot. With their long standing rivalry, will it be Nexplay’s time for redemption, or will Omega maintain their momentum?

The drafting phase of Game #1 began by removing comfort heroes of both sides, specifically DONUT's Wanwan, Raizen's Fanny, and Micophobia's Natalia. Both teams immediately drafted strong aggressive picks, however Omega's composition was very heavy on damage and diving, whereas Nexplay's lineup had teamfight potential. 

Game #1 started off relatively explosive, as Mikko camped the Gold lane to get the first blood against DONUT, giving Kelra's Claude an early advantage. The early to midgame were dominated by Omega, securing the first few turltes and taking down the outer turrets of both side of the map. Nexplay was able to respond well in equalizing taking the bottom and top turrets through Bruno's tower sieging ability, however an explosive clash in the midlane was counter-initiated and won by Omega which opened up the mid lane to their favor, eventually taking the first Lord of the game. It was pretty much Omega's game to lose by minute 11, as Nexplay was only left with their base turrets to defend; all Omega had to do was wait for the next Lord and attempt to siege their way into the Neon Tigers' base. However, Omega was too eager, as seen by Mikko's Flicker play to try to get a pickoff, which eventually resulted in Nexplay making a counter play to get some breathing room. Despite having an exposed base, Nexplay still managed to hold the game a bit longer with the help of Jeymz's Paquito pushing away the members of Omega, but with the Barangay as a master of teamfights, they managed to spot Nexplay in the wrong place, wiping them out and eventually taking down the base. 

The Barangay gets the upper hand against the Neon Tigers as they secure the first game, 1-0.


Game #2's drafting phase brought in a different flavor, with Omega freely taking the Fanny since Masha was banned instead. On the other hand, Nexplay secured the Paquito once again, alongside the famous Franco and Beatrix combo ending up with a powerful first phase in the draft. Omega, however, were packed with "in your face" heroes, securing the likes of Julian, Claude, Hilda and the debut of Fredrinn in the MPL. 

It was a rough start for Nexplay Evos, as Raizen was able to successfully invade H2wo's purple buff, significantly delaying his farm. Mikko's presence as a HIlda gave enough space for Omega to own the early game, however Micophobia and the rest of Nexplay Evos found ways to punish Omega's aggression, after  taking down the second and third turtles. The Neon Tigers finally met their power spikes, scaling enough to penetrate through Omega in teamfights; Micophobia was on point with his Iron Hooks, combined with DONUT's shotgun damage and the Dawning Light coming from YellyHaze. Nexplay Evos held the map by the 12th minute, looking confident as they looked for plays all around. There was not much action during the late game, except for some skirmishes that did not garner any casualties, however clashes started to go back and forth by the 22nd minute - Micophobia landing crucial hooks, and Omega finding opportunities to retaliate. This lasted until 37 minutes throughout the game, where the Barangay was able to collapse onto Jeymz, which led Nexplay Evos vulnerable, allowing Omega to wipe out their opponents.

As the masters of long and draining games, Omega swept their rivals 2-0 and maintained their spot on the upper half of the leaderboard. 

GAME 1 (18:54) - OMG 16 (W); NXPE 6 (L)

GAME 2 (37:34) - OMG 24 (W); NXPE 29 (L)


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