Kielvj In, Still Not Enough to Win. Superteam ECHO Continue Their Dynamic Tzy Trio in Win over OMG

Kielvj In, Still Not Enough to Win. Superteam ECHO Continue Their Dynamic Tzy Trio in Win over OMG
Publish Date 20 Feb 2022
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In hopes of winning back the expectations, OMG decides to let Kielvj enter back in the Land of Dawn, only to discover that the Tzy trio paired with Bagyong Benny and Yawi are on a steamrolling agenda and live up to the hype that they have built up, being the giants that they are to win the series in another dominating fashion.

With the status of OMG on the line, Kielvj brings his own Karina pick to counter the Paquito locked in by Karltzy for a battle of the junglers. Pressure was thoroughly applied all throughout the map because of the Tzy brothers spearheaded by Yawi (Ruby) for the vision that allowed the burst potential of ECHO to be easily activated, especially KurtTzy’s Esmeralda and the Karltzy specialty Paquito, which easily denied the sustain drafted by OMG and suffer pummeling blows from the their foes. With OMG barely getting a single kill onto the opening matchup, ECHO strikes the first blood without giving any chance of redemption.

The superteam’s super start yet again continue in the second game where a deja vu of the crippled OMG squad fell over right from the early phases of the game down to the last minute. Kielvj (Lancelot) was no match to the extremely aggressive composition by ECHO with the Aulus for KarlTzy, Kagura for Kurttzy, and the Gold lane Paquito for Bennyqt for the cherry on top draft that highlighted burst damage and early game dominance. The expectations from the caster’s desk were accurate in emphasizing the gameplan of ECHO, which was perfectly executed by the squad that again seized map control and consumed their opponents’ chances of retaliation. With ECHO rolling on to the snowballing start, the squad made quick work and closed the series within 10 minutes of the second game, taking another win for their regular season run.

Game 1: ECHO (W) 19 v OMG (L) 3 (15:04)

Game 2: ECHO (W) 13 v OMG (L) 1 (Duration)


Game 1:

Game 2:

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