BREN's Playoffs Dry Spell. OMG Wins Series and Clear the One in 14 Million Chance of BREN to Finally Qualify for Playoffs.

BREN's Playoffs Dry Spell. OMG Wins Series and Clear the One in 14 Million Chance of BREN to Finally Qualify for Playoffs.
Publish Date 08 Apr 2022
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BREN Esports, with the entire squad walking in a tight rope hanging on to the 1 in 14,000,605 chance of making it through the playoffs, will have to face OMG in the final week of this season’s regular season.

Xavier also debuted in today’s series as his automatic ban as the newest hero in the roster has been lifted for this week and is locked in by E2MAX for OMG, paired with Renzio’s Masha and Raizen locking in Ling for the jungle slot. BREN answers back with the Baxia core for Saxa, which had been crawling back into the meta because of the recent tank buffs that favored most tank users.

Saxa did his best as the jungler for the team, securing all turtles and major objectives to help the team get the necessary resources to snowball ahead of their opponents and reduce the likeliness of them losing to the million chance odds. The team was able to push turrets as well as breach through the inhibitor turrets coming into the late game stage. OMG, however, scaled through the advantage BREN had, enabling the whole team to bounce back on their own and turn the tides to their favor and take the first game for themselves, hammering the final nail in the coffin for BREN’s hopes of taking their own slot in the playoffs.

BREN had the same story in game number two that looked like a deja vu in the first game, but the bloodbath was more favored in their team, which instilled fear into the fans of OMG. Saxa has now locked in Ling as an assassin to dance with Raizen’s Paquito. Joy Boy’s birthday buff also attributed to the success in the Chou pick he locked in, hoping to counter Ch4knu’s Grock.

A roller coaster of kills went into the scoreboard that went blow after blow for both teams. BREN, for the most part, went into the base first as they had transitioned into objectives after securing kills. The game was a close call, but BREN stayed strong and forced a tiebreaker in hopes of exiting the stage with a win despite being eliminated from playoffs contention.

As the final game for the series commences, both teams battle it out to end the series with an extra point for their squad, keeping the full speed tempo from the first game at maximum gear and force multiple team fights and kills to inflict the most damage on each other. Heavy burst damage from Kelra’s Lunox and E2Max’s Cecilion wreaked havoc into enemy lines. This allowed the team to apply as much pressure and secure major objectives to end the series after piercing through the base after taking down the second lord in 15 minutes, grabbing the final point for OMG

Picks and Bans:

Game 1: OMG (W) 11 - 7 (L) BREN (20:36)

Game 2: OMG (L) 15 - 20 (W) BREN (22:44)

Game 3: OMG (W) 17 - 11 (L) BREN (15:25)

Post Match

Game 1:

Game 2:

Game 3:


Game 1:

Game 2:

Game 3:

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