You do not give Estes to the Queen

You do not give Estes to the Queen
Publish Date 12 Sep 2021
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This highly anticipated match showed the world that MPL PH is the go-to region when it comes to strategy. The unbreakable UBE (Ultimate Bonding Experience) Strategy of Blacklist International will face the team that bannered the “Reversed UBE Strategy” Onic Philippines. Blacklist, coming off a clean sweep against Bren Esports will look to defy the odds and show that their strategy will remain. Onic on the other hand suffered their first defeat against the gritty RSG Philippines 2-1. Despite different results in their previous matches expect an all out war as the defiant champion faces their competitive adversary.

The game started with Blacklist controlling the tempo in the early game, clicking on all cylinders they were a well oiled machine that focused on bursting their opponent. But just like their previous games they tend to falter in the late game and that's where Onic retaliates. Stunning the Champions and taking the first game thanks to the brilliant plays that Markyyyyy (Chang ‘e) provided. His timely meteor shower gave ONIC breathing room while Kairi (Claude) and Baloyskie (Natan) farms. Before the game started OhmyVeenus and his Estes is at 86% winrate in 66 games in MPL but Onic, just like what they expect got the game one victory against the black and white agents

The game two started with an absolute shocker where Onic opted to pick a Fanny for Kairi. The reverse Ube strat is really in the horizons as they try to put a stain on the immaculate record of Blacklist International. Just like in the first game they keep Estes open and let the Queen handle it. But it was a different game, Onic changed their line-up in between games and let Beemo and Hatred play in exchange for Markyyyy and Micophobia. In early game Blacklist being the superior early game team is harassing Kairi and making sure that the Jungler will not be able to get his purple buffs. Blacklist continued to bring the pressure up until the mid-game and focused on killing the sidelaners of Onic and pushed their turrets. Ube strategy has been unleashed and it was evident during these games as they choked every chance of split push that Onic is trying. The agents controlled the whole game as if they had a switch that was turned into their favor and dismantled the hopes of Onic in the second game and tied the game one a piece.

The third game was a blast from the past where Blacklist International got their hands on their championship heroes specially for Oheb who finally got his hand on Harith. The reversed Ube strategy seems to be a non-factor as Onic played the third game based on their unique capabilities. Hoping to fight Blacklist in an all out war, Onic focused on the heroes that dealt a lot of burst damage to negate the healing capacity of OhmyVeenus and his Estes. And the story of the games lies on the hand of the newest member of Blacklist International, Hadjizy and his Chou. His use of the “Way of the Dragon” was on point especially against Kairi and his Claude who uncharacteristically had back to back bad games for Hedgehogs. Edward on the other hand provided the tankiness for the team with his Barats who served as the wall that Onic can’t break. The series ended where Blacklist remained undefeated and dealt Onic their second straight defeat, but on the lighter side thought Onic will not suffer a lot because the losses that they received is not a sweep. Let’s see if these losses bring the best out of the boys in yellow and black or they will experience a free-fall as teams figure out the reverse ube strategy.

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Jeff Nicolasora
- 1 week ago
- 1w
The intense game... nakaka kaba habang nanood... pero i'm confident na mananalo parin ung blacklist... sa healing galing ni momshoe ohmyvee.... isang magandang laban ang naganap... congratulations sa blacklist.... i'm a fan of this team .. godbless and keepsafe po(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤