Will the Raiders be able to protect their crown, or will the Phoenix Army be able to rise from the ashes?

Will the Raiders be able to protect their crown, or will the Phoenix Army be able to rise from the ashes?
Publish Date 19 Aug 2022
Author Marc Corrales
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MPL season 9 champion RSG and the phoenix army TNC, two of the most notable teams from the previous season, have seemed to find themselves in a rough patch this regular season, losing their first few matches. Which of these two teams will be able to find their way and bounce back in the MPL? 

RSG demonstrated outright control over kills and objectives during the early stages of Game #1. In terms of draft, RSG still held on to their season 9 picks with the addition of Kenji’s staple Ruby pick, meanwhile TNC brought back old picks such as SDzyz’s Hayabusa and Escalera’s Pharsa. Although both teams were both making plays all over the map, it was evident that the Raiders’ execution paid more dividends. Clean initiations and pickoffs by Light’s Franco sets the tides of teamfights in their favor with the help of the rest of the team’s macro gameplay. Overall, RSG’s mastery over objectives and teamfights paved the way for them to secure Game #1.

Game #2 was no different in the early game, as RSG secured the first few turtles, enabled by Kenji’s Uranus cutting the minion waves, opening up the map for his team. TNC were therefore forced to react to RSG’s plays, however TNC’s exquisite conceal plays led by Benthings enabled the phoenix army to work their way in teamfights to equalize the gold lead in the midgame. It was relatively an even ball game transitioning to the late game, until EMMANN’s Wanwan started to be a nuisance for the side of TNC, despite having Kramm’s Phoveus on their side. The game stretched to almost 30 minutes, as it ended through RSG’s crucial counterplay leading to a wipeout despite TNC securing the final lord. RSG bags the second game, finally moving up the ladder with a clean 2-0 versus TNC.


GAME 1 - (16:43) RSG 14 (W); TNC 6 (L)



GAME 2 - (29:27) RSG 24 (W); TNC 18 (L) 


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