Publish Date 25 Mar 2022
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Blacklist International and Nexplay EVOS, taking things step by step, are looking to maintain and go beyond their current standing as the playoffs are slowly coming near. Nonetheless, in their second match for the regular season, it seems that BLCK came extremely prepared to take revenge against NXPE, made evident in their first game. A surprising lineup is deployed by BLCK, wherein we see OHEB on the Ruby and Eson returning with the Grock, to exhibit a very aggressive early game execution which did not allow for Nexplay EVOS to capitalize on the presence of MP the King's Ling. Edward on the Benedetta kept denying NXPE's ability to freely utilize their resources during each and every team fight, even occasionally taking out MP the king all alone across distant areas in the map away from the teamfights eventually denying his attempts to take trades as well. As much as Elpizo had exquisite positioning on the Yve, RENEJAY successfully executing certain ejector plays which in all allowed for glimmers of hope for the side of Nexplay EVOS, they were unable to defend the confidence and aggression that BLCK had already established for this series' first game.

For the second game of the series, BLCK decides to go with the Hylos jungler strategy that they also made use of back in the M3 World Championships, but it is rather NXPE who's able to pull off the better early game after their seemingly nonexistent loss against BLCK during the first match of the series. RENEJAY was able to play a better Jawhead game even up against a Kagura capable of doing debuffs, Elpizo was able to redeem and take revenge for the excessive crowd control that BLCK played with and use against them with during the first match of the series, and this time the excessive AOE spells that kept coming in from NXPE proved to be the problem for Blacklist International. Not letting BLCK take the series away with a sweep to catch up to the rankings of NXPE, we are forced to a game number three after NXPE secures the win.

The battle of the playmakers take place for the deciding match, where an unpredictable RENEJAY on his jawhead once more is pitted up against the cautious and precise ESON who's able to get hold of his Ruby. A low-scoring match eventually is shown to us by these two teams who evidently played with their best in hopes of bringing home the win, with not more than 15 kills taking place within ten minutes into the game. However, a surprisingly clean execution of BLCK's teamfight composition gets the better of Nexplay EVOS during the early stages of the matchup, which proceeds to become the reason behind their success in securing the series--after 3 games which went back and forth the sides of these persistent players. Blacklist International then, is able to take their revenge and upload their new code against Nexplay EVOS--silencing their Nexplay roar.

GAME 1 (16:52) - NXPE 11 (L); BLCK 16 (W)

GAME 2 (13:58) - NXPE 22 (W); BLCK 12 (L)

GAME 3 (15:10) - NXPE 4 (L); BLCK 16 (W)



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