The Royalty versus the Hungry: Rematch of the new El Classico

The Royalty versus the Hungry: Rematch of the new El Classico
Publish Date 10 Sep 2022
Author Marc Corrales
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World-class Mobile Legends gameplay is now upon us as the Agents and the Barangay clash once again. Will the Barangay even out the scoreboard, or will Blacklist Royalty prevent them and keep their momentum?

Game #1's drafting phase kicked off with both teams banning each others comfort heroes, such as Raizen's Fanny and Akai, Oheb's Wanwan, and the Queen's Diggie. With this, the Beatrix was up for grabs, and it ended onto Oheb's possession. It was pretty much a game of chess between the two teams, countering and baiting each other's picks. In the end, the compositions from both teams were even, and it will all depend on their execution and macro gameplay.

The match started off pretty quickly and action-packed since skirmishes and small fights happened all over the map. OMG was all out aggressive, focusing on Edward's lane, giving them an edge around turtle fights; Renzio's Dyrroth and Raizen's Balmond enable OMG to secure easy pickoffs against the members of Blacklist International. OMG sat comfortaby with a three thousand gold lead through minute 8, but Blacklist were still able to look for opportunities to trade off around the map. However, a clash happened during the 9th minute wherein OMG was able to wipe out the Agents because of a beautiful execution of the Blazing Duet by Kelra, granting him a Triple Kill and securing the first Lord of the game. Blacklist was in a tight situation, especially knowing that Kelra has been fully stacked with items at the 12th minute. Due to this, OMG easily secured the Luminous Lord for their side, hoping to expose the base of Blacklist. As OMG attempted to siege into the turrets of Blacklist, the Agents were able to retaliate and eliminate most of the members of the Barangay. It was a hectic back-and-forth game between the two teams, but a clutch play from the Queen and Oheb held off their own base and eliminated the members of OMG, allowing a comeback play for the Agents, eventually securing the first game of the series. 

Blacklist started the second game very aggressively, with OhMyV33NUS scouting Raizen in his jungle, and an early skirmish down on the bottom lane. However, Raizen was able to slay the first turtle, equalizing the game. Whenever there were small fights, it was no doubt that trades happened between both teams, and this occurred all throughout the mid game as well. The first Lord dance started at the 10th minute, with Blacklist having the upper hand and OMG reacting to them. Blacklist was able to secure the lord, but Kelra was able to get to kills in exchange. Despite all of this, OMG still kept up to Blacklist, equalizing the gold as if Blacklist never had a lead in the first place. Finally at the 19th minute, Edward and Oheb attempted to pick off Raizen on the bottom lane, however Raizen was able to buy time for his teammates, resulting in punishing the Agents, wiping them out, and eventually sieging onto the Agents' base, equazling the series 1-1.

For the deciding game, both teams were very aggressive in the early game, especially since OMG had a good early game composition because of the presence of Lylia and Julian. However, Wise was able to secure all the turtles equalizing the gold. By the 10-minute mark, Omega had the momentum, Ch4knu had a huge Noumenon Blast initiation taking advantage of Cult Altar cooldown on OhMyV33NUS which resulted in a Lord take for OMG. The Barangay was then able take down all outer turrets of Blacklist, extending their gold lead to seven thousand. By the time the second Lord spawned, a great deny from OMG transpired, zoning out all members of Blacklist away from the Lord pit. Fortunately for Blacklist, they defended their base, saving an inhibitor turret. 17-minutes into the game, the third lord spawned. As Blacklist tried to contest for the Lord, Oheb's Beatrix and OhmyV33NUS' Faramis were greeted by a Blazing Duet from Kelra, killing both. OMG chased the remaining members of Blacklist eventually, securing a series win against the Royal duo.

The Barangay outclassed The Kingdom at this moment, bringing out the best in each other's gameplay. The long standing rivalry between these two teams brings Mobile Legends to its highest levels, however this tug-of-war relationship seems to be far from over.


GAME 1 (22:14) - BLCK 22 (W); OMG 23 (L)

GAME 2 (19:33) - OMG 16 (W); BLCK 9 (L)

GAME 3 (17:39) - BLCK 9 (L); OMG 19 (W)


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