The New Battle of the Besties: Smart Omega Goes Up Against BREN Esports

The New Battle of the Besties: Smart Omega Goes Up Against BREN Esports
Publish Date 30 Sep 2022
Author Vincent Pajenago
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After an inconsistent run in the first half of the regular season, everyone is looking at how BREN Esports will perform in the second half. Going up against their besties in the last week of MPL-PH S10 before the Playoffs, the squad of the M2 Champions is looking to show that despite having a lot of ‘rookies’ in the team, this will not faze them in snatching the envied twice-to-beat advantage. Who will prevail as the most awaited clash between the two starts off today’s matches?

It was a smart pick-up of Owgwen’s Atlas for BREN’s squad in the second half that has been proven to be effective for their team. With an excellent mix of both magic and physical, as well as a heavy skirmish lineup, the early game easily went on in the favor of the veteran Pheww’s team. They were relentless in making plays, even towards the more tanky heroes such as Raizen’s Balmond, Owgwen fearlessly casts Fatal Links, trusting that his teammates’ damage in Super Marco’s Melissa, Pheww’s Lylia, and KyleTzy’s Paquito would be enough to tear the enemies down. True enough, it was a display of prowess both in the Atlas and Melissa as the two seemed undaunted at the fact that they were up against The Filipino Savage and The Chakmamba. BREN Esports destroys the Omega formation as they easily take game #1.

It seemed like a replay of game #1 with the Atlas pick-up from Owgwen to boost their squad. Due to their lineup being heavy on crowd control, Pandora’s Fredrinn, the Atlas, as well as KyleTzy’s Julian, the team’s timing and layering of skills were a make or break for them. Be it in their communications or in their chemistry, or a mixture of both, they ensured that it was a make for them after being able to peel off heroes upon heroes of their enemies. Once again, they employed the same strategy as they did during game #1—cast all that they have onto the one hero that stands against their way—Ch4knu’s Lolita was their primary target. This paid off as they seemed to have found the antidote for the so-called Omega poison as they easily swept the said team and caught them by surprise.

It was the phenom that defeated the venom as the young squad of BREN Esports makes the veteran team Smart Omega bow down before them as they take the game and the series, 2-0.


GAME 1 (17:41) - BREN 10 (W); OMG 4 (L)

GAME 2 (12:13) - OMG 4 (L); BREN 15 (W1)



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