The Long Drought Has Gone, RSG-PH Back in The Game

The Long Drought Has Gone, RSG-PH Back in The Game
Publish Date 28 Aug 2022
Author Vincent Pajenago
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After a relatively slow start in the first two (2) weeks of the competition, RSG-PH is looking to regain its dominant stance as displayed in MPL-S9. Going up against the current 6th seed this season, NXPE, will the current MPL-PH champions silence the Nexplay roar?

It was a bold first pick coming from the side of Nexplay as they decided to go with the Fanny for H2wo, which Light’s Khufra then countered. As the game went on, the first three (3) minutes of the game easily went to NXPE’s side, with H2wo seamlessly outcasting Demonkite’s Paquito’s retribution to take the first turtle of the match. However, after that first turtle take, while Micophobia’s Ruby is forced to only babysit DONUT’s Claude to take advantage of their late game insurance, their team’s blue buff was mercilessly manned down by Nathzz’s Uranus, delaying the opposing team’s jungler’s farming. This has resulted in a slow rotation coming from NXPE’s side as the Kingslayers tear down objectives upon objectives.

In fact, after the game, H2wo has only been able to secure four (4) purple buffs and one (1) turtle, a low output coming from a hero as blue-dependent and as mobile as the Fanny. RSG-PH successfully constricts the movements of NXPE as they take Game #1.

OBLITERATED. No other words can describe how RSG-PH treated the Nexplay squad in this game. Seemingly wanting to pull a reverse card on them after putting a high priority in Demonkite’s Fanny, Micophobia was quick to lock in on the Khufra. While he, indeed, was able to set up marvelous plays for his team, MPL-S9 champs were quick to react on their feet. With Light’s Franco counteracting the plays of Micophobia, and Aqua’s Yve’s unreachable casting of the RWM, it was a “happy Kousei” as the team’s gold laner was able to rack up kills and gold quickly.

Contrary to what the Kingslayers did during the first game, NXPE could not replicate the same strategy of delaying Fanny’s blue buff. Wielding the assassin emblem, Demonkite zoomed in all across the map, killing and tearing everything down its path. The Nexplay squad was left unable to fend for themselves as RSG-PH shows just why they are the current champions of MPL-PH. They take Game #2, and the series, 2-0.


GAME 1 (17:08) - NXPE 4 (L); RSG 9 (W)

GAME 2 (14:29) - NXPE 3 (L); RSG 21 (W)


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