The King prevails as Omega becomes the Alpha against TNC

The King prevails as Omega becomes the Alpha against TNC
Publish Date 12 Sep 2021
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Even the return of their feisty gold laner won’t help the cause of Omega as they fall to the M2 world champions Bren Esports. TNC on the other hand faltered since their win against their mentor as they fell into the hands of the red-hot Onic Ph in a disappointing fashion. Both teams want to change their fate moving forward but only one will prevail. Can the Omega be the Alpha or can the Phoenix soar once again, this match will surely bring enough firepower to boost the day as they open the third day of week number three.

This is the calm before the storm game. Both squads surprised us as they did not show their aggressive gameplays in the early minutes of the game. The two teams have the same plan, wait for their scaling heroes to be online. However, with similar objectives, they executed a different scheme. Kousei, using the Esmeralda, continually gives support to team fights leaving Kelra, who's using Pacquito, free farming on the gold game. This enables Kelra to be equipped with items that can poke Chuuu and disable him during clashes. As the game goes on, the Omega time also nears. With the smart set ups, coming in from Ch4knu and E2Max, they make TNC to be apprehensive with their positions. Nevertheless, TNC still projects their teamwork as Light, with the Jawhead, calibrates the right ejector to the enemy's core, disabling OMG and forcing them to retreat. The first match ended with OMG winning with sheer force continuing to the second match.

The fangs were sharpened and the storm unleashed. E2max with Pharsa gives a downpour of feathered air strikes, bursting their enemies and helping his teammate provide location. With the fast rotation of Ch4knu, the inevitable narrowing of the map for the TNC came too fast. They were prepared for the late game but unfortunately forgot to brace for the early game impact. The series ended with a clean domination from OMG, will this be their first step towards the winning track?

Game 1 TNC 12 - OMEGA 15 (26:03) MVP: Kielvj 9-3-5

Game 2 TNC 4 - OMG 13 (12:54) MVP: E2Max 4-0-7

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