Publish Date 12 Mar 2022
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Both teams are seeking redemption as they return to the battlefield after each their own losses, but the better rookie-veteran combination for this matchup is yet to prevail. During the first game of the series, the first ever initiation attempt coming in from Cadenza was immediately negated by TNC, and this allowed for them to somehow stand on equal footing during the early game despite the disadvantage in their composition, and despite being up against MP the King on his Lancelot. Regardless, Hesa and his ability to consistently take the upper hand in his lane immediately helped his team regain their advantage and smoothly proceed with their winning condition of snowballing early into the game, taking down nearly all of TNC's towers before reaching the 10-minute mark, and closing the game in the blink of an eye before reaching the 12-minute mark.

NXPE proceeds to game number 2 filled with momentum as they deploy a very aggressive composition to be led by the MatHilda combination in the hands of Cadenza and Yellyhaze, but TNC is able to aid SDZYZ and they were able to go for an early punish onto MP the King as he attempts to invade the enemy jungle. In this same way, TNC is able to fully take advantage of their composition in putting NXPE in a tight spot with the Lolita and the Lancelot in their hands this time, with NXPE trying their best to hold and prolong the game in hopes of turning the tables around--far from how they were freely able to move around the map during the first game. Clearly, taking away certain heroes from NXPE effectively worked for the side of TNC, returning just the same amount of pressure and taking away the second game in 13 minutes, eventually getting into the zone and forcing a game number 3.

Filled with surprises and fresh picks for the first series of this day, the last game of this series is definitely promising as it is. From a Benedetta jungler utilized by SDZYZ, to Yellyhaze finally utilizing the Cecilion once more, the early game has been truly an eventful one. In an attempt to prevent Yellyhaze on the Cecilion from freely taking his stacks and immediately reaching his power spikes, TNC goes for an early dive and succesfully takes him out in exchange of SDZYZ. There have been constant initiations from Cadenza's Jawhead with the Pull Yourself Together emblem, but as much as possible, TNC equally provided answers and punishes each and every time. MP the King, however, remained untouchable, and this allowed for NXPE to hold onto their lead despite how close the game eventually got. A successful play towards the 12-minute mark then gave room for NXPE to successfully secure the first lord of the game, and the same process of utilizing Cadenza's playmaking capacities gave them the same opportunity for the second lord of the game. As much as TNC had endless resources for their wave clear, NXPE, even despite and after the loss of Ureshii before the last lord take. with their superior teamfight capabilities worked wonders in finally handing them over the first series of this day.

Game 1 (11:03) - TNC 3 (L); NXPE 15 (W)

Game 2 (13:19) - TNC 6 (W); NXPE 2 (L)

Game 3 (20:40) - TNC 8 (L); NXPE 18 (W)

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