The Grand Heist of them all

The Grand Heist of them all
Publish Date 05 Sep 2021
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For some, the rivalry game entails a lot of drama, filled with history and a true battle of wit and strategy. For NXPE and OMEGA, the names may have changed and some of the players might be new but the energy still remains. For Nexplay a loss will dig them a deeper hole in the standing even with the return of the Hitman, the returning brand is still on the losing end against the red hot Onic Ph.

As mentioned, Renejay returned to the series and played in game 2 however, his return is not enough as they struggle against a solid strategy delivered by Onic. Omega on the other hand, will try to shake off their recent failure against the current champion and another rival for them as well, Blacklist International. In an instant classic the two Southeast Asian juggernauts battle it out in three games where Blacklist barely escapes with the victory thanks to the solid outing of their new player Hadjizy.

For Omega it was the King who fought valiantly for the guys in green and black but in the end it is evident that they surely miss the services of their feisty gold laner. Two struggling teams looking to find their strides, who will take this important game.


The Return of the Hitman in a complete series is the medicine that the doctor prescribed to Nexplay. Renejay’s Alice was a big factor in this series specially in game one where he showed his poise under the early pressure provided by Omega. The gold shield in his turret crashed so early because of the rotation of E2max (Beatrix) and Chacknu (Popol and Kuppa). YellyHaze provided some marksmanship with his Selena and was excellent in providing some vision to help H2wo (Yi-Sun-Shin) get his farm safely, Jeymz and Yawi meanwhile provided the sturdiness and served as the great wall of Evos that seemed to be unbreakable.

Omega meanwhile had their chances thanks to the brilliant plays of Renzio’s Paquito but the damage department was really lacking especially coming from the core Kielvj who's Hayabusa has been checked by the arrows of YellyHaze. It was a masterful performance executed by Nexplay Evos. Game two was an ultimate bloodbath where we’ve seen bodies being laid down one after another but in the end it was the yin-yang overturn that turned the tables for Omega as they tied the series at one game apiece.

It was a tale of night and day for Renejay as his Kaja was outplayed by his rookie counterpart Ryzen and his Paquito. The burst of Nexplay Evos was not enough due to the sheer sturdiness of Renzio who seemed to be an unkillable force as he took every skills given to him, even the Saber of Kielvj had a hard time in picking up his kills but the sustain game of Barats and Paquito and the burst of Kagura was the X-Factor for an Omega victory in game two.

But the story of the week was entailed in this last game. Hailed as the Heist of the century H2wo and Renejay re-enact their counter push win last season against the same team Omega but with different players, in an 23 minute bloodbath Nexplay found an unconventional way to finish the game and take their first victory in the hands of the MSC Champion no less.

It was a solid outing for Omega securing the final lord and looked to secure the victory for them. The game was dictated by how well the tanks could set it up for their team. Yawi (Akai) and Chaknu (Jawhead) showed us why they are the most sought after players for their teams. But in the end it was the penultimate distraction from Yawi that paved the way for H2wo and Renejay to do their sneaky heist that sealed the victory for the boys in white and blue.

For Nexplay Evos this is their first win and an important one that dug their game out of the bottom two, Omega on the other hand just suffered two heartbreaking losses consecutively on the hands of Blacklist International and now on Nexplay Evos let us see if the Kings of the Southeast can recover from this kind of upset.


Game 1 Omega 8 - Nexplay Evos 14 (13:14) MVP Renejay: 4-1-4


Game 2 Nexplay Evos 16 - Omega 25 (23:44) MVP E2Max: 9-4-11


Game 3 Omega 21 - Nexplay Evos 16 (23:06) MVP Yawi: 1-5-6

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