The Falcons and the Agents Rushing for the Upper Bracket

The Falcons and the Agents Rushing for the Upper Bracket
Publish Date 03 Jan 2023
Author Marc Corrales
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Two high-caliber teams, Blacklist International and Falcon Esports, are itching to place themselves in the Upper Bracket position in the Knockout Stages. Will the Burmese powerhouse team be able to soar higher against the world-renowned Agents from the Philippines, or will the Agents continue their dominance towards defending their rightful throne?


The drafting phase was relatively expected between both teams; Blacklist got rid of notable assassins, while Falcon removed meta heroes such as Wanwan and Gloo. Blacklist International prioritized the Karrie due to its reap damage in the late game, whereas Falcon grabbed the Lapu-Lapu and Faramis, two strong heroes in their respective roles. Both teams got some signature picks; OhmyV33nus grabbed the Diggie, while Naomi got his notable Natalia. Falcon's composition contained a lot of damage potential, however Blacklist had a solid frontline with reliable damage from Hadji and Oheb.


The game started pretty slow between both teams until the second minute, where Falcon Esports was able to zone off and pick off Wise, eventually taking the first turtle and getting an early lead. By the sixth minute, Falcon Esports was able to hold an evident lead, taking down two turrets leading to a four thousand gold lead. Due to their dominance and aggression, Falcon Esports was able to get an early Lord on the eighth minute. Despite all of this, Blacklist was able to fend off the Lord and keep their Inhibitor turrets intact. By minute fifteen, Blacklist still survived despite a ten thousand gold deficit and having their base exposed.

With a game-changing upset against Blacklist International, Falcon Esports was able to get the upper hand in this game, forcing a three-way tie for Blacklist International, Falcon Esports, and Incendio Supremacy.




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