Publish Date 22 Oct 2021
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NXPE, after being notorious for their first round exit, finally breaks the curse and advance to the second round in a clean sweep victory vs RSG

Playoffs has now begun with the first series kicking off with 6th seed RSG up against 3rd seed NXPE. The Best of 5 matchup starts with all eyes on the carries of both teams. NXPE opened the game with a Yi Sun Shin jungle for H2WO, followed by Hesa’s Natan as the secondary DPS for the team. RSG went for a high damage draft but lacked initiation as Heath locked in Rafaela followed by the Lancelot jungle for Demonkite. The early game aggression of Yawi’s Jawhead disrupted the starting farm for Demonkite which forced them to counter their invade but ended up handing his head for the first blood and an early lead for the board. RSG mitigated the gold loss by shedding turret energy shields for gold but by safely playing around the map there were trades for NXPE that allowed Hesa and H2wo to build items early and snowball for the midgame. With the lack of initiation potential, RSG handed three turtles to the opposing side that gave the already dominating squad to continue the pressure and continue the siege. The lord secure at the 11- minute and 16 – minute mark solidified the pressure of NXPE and allowed the squad to rally their forces and take the series opener win.

RSG, now down one game, set their sights on building their momentum in the second game, locking in Paquito jungle for Demonkite and now locking in Ruby for the tank. NXPE secures the same carries as the first game and locks in Khufra for Yawi and Estes for Yellyhaze. Demonkite’s Paquito proved to be a worthy pick for RSG as the mobility and high single damage potential of the hero allowed him to secure all four turtles in the early game that attributed to the early domination that NXPE experienced in the previous game. All hands were on all deck as iy4knu steps up with the Kimmy pick that peeled every health bar it could find and finish off opponents with missiles. The lead went on from the early game up to the midgame for RSG, slaying the first lord after winning a clash in the 13 – minute mark and demolishing the remaining NXPE defenses. With items online for H2wo’s Yi Sun Shin and Hesa’s Natan, the scaling composition had the defensive efforts of the team to hold their line and keep their base shining red. An overextension of RSG allowed NXPE to pick off their frontlines and hand in their heads to Hesa and walk their way through the mid lane and turn the tides to their favor in an upset win and leave RSG one game away from elimination.

RSG, now one game away from elimination, open the third game with similar picks with Yve now locked in for Aqua and an unconventional Brody pick for Iy4knu. NXPE locks in the Paquito jungle for themselves and still locking in the game changer Natan for Hesa. Both teams battled with their playoff lives on the line, capitalizing the damage output of their composition in the early game and trading kills for kills and contesting objectives. The lead was handed to RSG in the early game which looked like Déjà vu of the second game where they had the advantage in kills but shared the turtle. Aqua stepped up for RSG by maximizing the range advantage of the Real-World Manipulation and positioning himself in a spot where he could deal damage all over NXPE in clashes that they knew they could win. RSG’s domination went on in the midgame, taking all the turrets with the help of the first lord secure and advancing to the inhibitor the turrets that left the red side base wide open. In familiar fashion, with items online for Hesa, they kept their breath to hold off the rampaging RSG and deny their loss. The split push from H2wo opened the base for the side of RSG which flipped the pressure on their base. The strategic engages from Yawi and the valiant Guiding Eagle from Yellyhaze secured the kills and gave entrance to Hesa to destroy the breached base and hammer in the final nail in the coffin for RSG to take the win with a clean sweep and advance to round 2 of the playoffs.

GAME 1: NXPE WIN 11-5 (18:56)

GAME 2: NXPE WIN 12-12 (21:45)

GAME 3: NXPE WIN 15-16 (36:09)



Kang Gabut
- 9 months ago
- 9mos
Aoi Samyaku
- 9 months ago
- 9mos
Grabe ang intense. Congrats NXPE
Roy Joseph Caparas
- 9 months ago
- 9mos
we our proud sa inyo NXPE
Billy Jo Palma
- 9 months ago
- 9mos
Iba na ang sakalam 😁
Añasco Sakalam
- 9 months ago
- 9mos