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Opposites truly attract- a strategy that requires you to stick together, and another that would give you an option to split up. The rumors and speculations are all true- we'll be seeing Blacklist vs. ONIC in the Grand Finals of MPL Philippines Season 8. Both teams have already secured their seats for M3. However, more is at stake- is it a new era, or the same rulers of the kingdom?


The drafting phase of both teams seemed to be accurate, whilst following the patterns that they wanted. Mathilda was opened to welcome the Grand Finals for Blacklist, but the classics are entering for ONIC as they secured the Natan, Paquito and Karina for Markyyyyy, Dlar, and Kairi to oppose.

The first round was simply a mental game from the get-go. Beemo tried to pressure Wise's farming but was punished in the process. The usual turtle objective take for both of the teams has been delayed, going to BLCK's favor because of the scaling composition from their team. Knowing this, ONIC immediately chose to pressure the side lanes, placing two on each lane and was successful in taking the bottom outer turret under 5 minutes. Both teams would always have an answer on what the other would try to pull off- you take a turret, I take the turtle type of strategy.

Even with the help of the Luminous Lord, no one's really giving an inch in the tightest of competition. But because of the relentless pursuit for a pick-off or teamfight, BLCK takes two turrets and the jungle objectives for a final push that took them 1-up the series.


With the Agents coming in as they started off guns blazing- the shift of momentum is what ONIC needs to equalize in this match. The newest entry from ONIC is Beemo's Grock, which can actually help with the crowd control heroes of BLCK in Mathilda and Yve- that can also provide impact in the early stages of the game. Picks they have used in their previous matchups were the name of the game to start off Round 2.

A Dragon Tamer's experience it was since V33's Mathilda stayed in the top lane to assist Edward's Yu Zhong to scale even witj Dlarskie's X-Borg pressuring early. Even so, ONIC changed their perspective a bit- not forcing the team fights they are given. Creating their own space has them getting the momentum in the first 10 minutes of the matchup, with Markyyyyy getting a lot of gold in the Gold Lane as Natan. Well, as soon as the call to UBE will be followed, the UBE follows. BLCK managed to equalize with their selective teamfights thanks to so much AOE opportunity that provides an edge upon group skirmishes. But if there was there to do business as usual, it was the Markyyyyy Supremacy- landing the triple to his opponents and laid it all out for his teammates to equalize in this series, 1-1.


ONIC brings the same pattern, substituting Markyyyyy for Hatred to play for Game 3- which worked for them in their past playoff matchups. The draft was still the usual war for both teams, picking heroes they're comfortable with while denying options for the others. The Bane jungle enters the fray against Kairi's respected Lancelot, a match-up that has proven to be worth the hype.

The early-game goes to BLCK because their heroes can actually play and create their impact individually. The first 6 minutes of the game show how aggressive The Queen is, getting 5-0-0 with the use of Mathilda Airlines. The aggression from Blacklist International obliterated 6 of their turrets, leaving ONIC with only the inhibitors. Another RubyDD play of Oheb's Lunox was the highlight of his matchup, as it dealt so much damage to ONIC's Baloyskie and Hatred. The supposedly late-game damage from Lunox and the other scaling ones came early as the defending champions regained their composure to advance in the series, 2-1.


After a quick game 1 ending in 15 minutes, BLCK looks to do the same with an engage lineup composed of Paquito, Mathilda and Chou in the first phase. However, comfort picks were introduced in this series by Dlarskie with the Uranus and Kairi's Benedetta to try and take over the lane and sustain up to the late-game.

ONIC leans toward the Mid-Money Strategy, with Baloyskie using a Marksman hero to stay unto the mid-lane because it is the shortest possible route in the map, and the jungler and tank would always be up for assistance. But the same story is happening for Blacklist International- aggression, aggression, aggression. 6-0 under 5 minutes and two uncontested turtle objectives for Wise. The switch with Oheb going to the EXP Lane, switching up with Edward to the Gold Lane to make their respective matchups better, as Oheb's Harith continues to outplay Dlarskie's Uranus, who was just taking too much at 0-3-0 standing. One of the cleanest games MPL fans have probably seen their entire lives- and in the Grand Finals too. 17-0. Man, what a game.


With the championship trophy slowly drifting away from them, ONIC Philippines needs to pull off three straight victories- a reverse sweep against the defending champions. After Hatred not working out, Markyyyyy comes back in to hopefully turn the tides around. But the third time's the charm for Wise, picking up Bane once more together with The Queen's Mathilda to go for yet another aggressive venture.

The same game plan from Agents immediately provides so much impact because of the uptempo movements they have been doing in the past three games. The Future however, doesn't want to give up without a fight, as Kairi continues to bring it in with the Phantom Execution to at least pick off 1-2 members during teamfights. Still, Wise can't be stopped by his use of Bane. The dominant finish brings the crown back to the Agents, back to The Queen and his rightful subjects.

"Lagi kong sinasabi kay Vee na mag-cchampion ulit kami ng hindi siya malungkot. Tas masaya ako kay Hadji, kasi since Season 2 pa si Hadji. Kahit napaka-bait na player niya, hindi pa siya nakakapag-champion, pero ngayon napakag-champion na siya." Wise on his emotional interview after being crowned as back-to-back champions of MPL Philippines.


GAME 1: BLCK WIN 18-9 (23:14)

MVP: HADJI (YVE, 3-1-15)

GAME 2: ONIC WIN 16-14 (21:12)


GAME 3: BLCK WIN 24-11 (14:16)

MVP: WISE (BANE, 7-2-6)

GAME 4: BLCK WIN 17-0 (11:23)

MVP: HADJI (CHOU, 1-0-9)

GAME 5: BLCK WIN 20-10 (10:23)


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Saya sudah lama bermain mobile legend tetapi saya untuk membeli diamond tidak bisa, saya sangat ingin seperti yg lain memiliki diamond banyak dan Skin Skin hebat. 1094110043 (13403) semoga PH MPL. COM BAIK HATI.... :)
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