Publish Date 13 Mar 2022
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The kingslayers are up against the streak breakers for the last game of this day, as both are looking to keep their momentum intact coming into this series. ONIC PH surprises everyone with a very unique lineup to open the series: with a Fanny-Johnson-Kadita combo that catches RSG PH off guard almost every single time. Nonetheless, the presence of sufficient heroes to hold such initiations from the side of RSG is able to buy them some time and allow them to answer certain initiations and even turn them around into their favor and go for initiations of their own. Eventually, just when we thought that RSG was slowly finding the answer to the strategy deployed by ONIC PH, the strategy becomes redefined once more as they find key after key to utilize during the game, but one miscalculated initiation from the Baloyskie and Hatred toward the 20-minute mark handed over RSG the win for this game, eventually being the first win against the Johnson pick put out in the MPL S9.

For game number 2, RSG was able to pull off an extremely clean early game and aggressively go for the early rotations and ganks, seemingly carrying over the momentum that they had after winning against ONIC PH's Johnson strategy during game number 1. Even a successful counterengage after an abyssal arrow connects onto Demonkite on the Paquito was able to further allow for RSG to gain an advantage, but this didn't last for long with Markyyyyy successfully taking advantage of RSG grouping together while being able to cast the Crossbow of Tang. This, and many other factors, all came into play in giving ONIC the second game.

Game number 3 became filled with tension early on, but it was Demonkite on the Lancelot who truly stole the show.

Before the game reached the mid-game, a single thorned rose spell coming in from Demonkite was enough to take down Markyyyyy on the Lylia before he could even cast his ultimate, and RSG proved to be a huge threat that ONIC could no longer take on given the amount of scaling that they're required to be on equal footing during teamfights. Before they are able to reach that particular point in time, RSG denies them the mid-game they desire as they close the third game in less than 15 minutes after a dominant performance--being the fastest game in the entire series of the night.

Game 1 (20:42) - ONIC 14 (L); RSG 14 (W)

Game 2 (17:09) - ONIC 12 (W); RSG 7 (L)

Game 3 (14:40) - ONIC 4 (L); RSG 14 (W)

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