The Battle of the Tzys: Who Wields the Sharper Sword?

The Battle of the Tzys: Who Wields the Sharper Sword?
Publish Date 16 Sep 2022
Author Vincent Pajenago
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From you and me against the world to you and me against each other. What irony is it that in FlapTzy’s debut game that he would go up against his brother, KarlTzy? Succeeding their world championship run was a struggle in MPL-PH S8. As the both of them are slowly regaining their identity and groove, who will win as the proud and loud orcas face the buzzing bees? 

It was the former world champions that flexed their fangs against the super team as they easily took pick-offs against their opponents. Despite being at a disadvantage in terms of kills, the clutch casting of the retribution coming from KarlTzy’s Fanny who is zooming all across the map slowly made his team catch up. In fact, they were able to secure three (3) lord takes and two (2) turtle takes as opposed to Saxa’s Paquito’s one (1) turtle take. This is all thanks to the impeccable timing of Yawi’s Wild Charge in the Grock that allowed the team to burst down anyone that goes against them. The poke capability coming from Fanny and Bennyqt’s Claude, the set-up from Sanford’s Fredrinn and Grock, it was already easy for Sanji’s Lylia to make everyone explode using the Glooms. With Sanji’s precise positioning and continuous damage, ECHO shows just why they are the House of Highlights as they take Game #1 against BREN. 

Bennyqt’s Beatrix has been a lot to deal with as the young squad of BREN was left questioning what havoc the storm has wreaked upon them. Compared to the first game, this game felt like a seesaw—with the super team taking control of the early game and the former world champion squad pushed back. Upon taking the lead, BREN Esports easily took control in getting neutral objectives, securing three (3) lords and one (1) turtle against their enemies’ one (1) turtle and one (1) lord. During most parts of the game, the House of Highlights seemed to have merely reacted to the plays of their opponent. Being solely reliant on a team fight and positioning due to Sanford’s Yve and Bennyqt’s Beatrix, the momentum was either theirs or not. However, it was this specific play coming from the side of the super team that has left BREN speechless—as Yawi’s high-risk, high-reward play risked everything to destroy the base. True enough, you cannot touch the storm in Bennyqt when it is activated. BREN Esports was devastated as they were aggressively stormed by ECHO, sweeping them, 2-0.  


GAME 1 (20:42) - ECHO 15 (W); BREN 12 (L)

GAME 2 (25:05) - ECHO 15 (W); BREN 17 (L)


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