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The MPL PH Season 7 Champs finally got their win since they've lost against this team during the MSC 2021 Finals. Former players of Execration, now under the banner of Smart Omega, continue to keep their burning rivalry ablaze in this season.

It was a decisive, head to head rematch of the MSC 2021 finals as game 1 started with a blind pick Sun Jungle which led to early game domination with the pushing potential of the Monkey King's Doppelgangers. Edwards' Paquito made a visit on the first turtle take, securing a double kill for Blacklist. The Alice played by Oheb really did well when it secured the Winter Truncheon, with the follow up Heart Guard from OhMyV33NUS, they became a force to be reckoned with. Blacklist kept the lead and started painting blue all over the map not until they forced a clash deep into Omega Esports territory that led into a battle that flipped the tables against the sieging Blacklist, resulting in a comeback push with one siege minion as their battering rams in their countersiege , securing the opening game.

Omega on game 2 wanted to secure the series with their balanced line up, Alice now on their side gave them insurance for the late game. Signature Khufra by Ch4knu was also chosen in their draft as a sign of their hopes in putting a nail in the coffin. Blacklist went for a vision-oriented line up with the renowned Yi Sun Shin from Wise paired with the Popol and Kupa pick by OhMyV33NUS. Raizen struggled to amass gold for himself as Blacklist constantly applied pressure in the gold lane, slowing down the build up phase for Omega. Blacklist continued the pressure against the crippled squad with Edwards’s Benedetta cleaning off the surviving members in every clash. With the lead on the hands of Blacklist, the domination went on with no holds barred as they pushed the pedal to the metal in pushing into the enemy nexus and take the second game into their hands, forcing a third game to decide the winner of the series.

In the deciding game, it was a rollercoaster of kills and assists for both teams along with turret pushes that favored Omega in the early phase. Raizen’s Kaja pick helped decode Edward’s playstyle in his lane, locking him down with Divine Judgement whenever he tries to sneak into the backline. Fights were close but the pressure was on the side of Blacklist with 2 inhibitor turrets down and a slight edge for Omega in terms of gold. The final battle at the 20-minute mark decided the conclusion of the indecisive battle when OhMyV33nus called the shots with a conceal that initiated an early elimination of Ch4knu in the clash and a miraculous dodge of Divine Judgement on OHEB gave a chance for the KDA Machine to secure a well – predicted flameshot for to secure another kill. With all members of Blacklist still running on the map, the squad continued to press the attack and paved their way for victory and assert dominance against their rivals.


GAME 1 OMEGA WIN: 11-15 (23:52)


GAME 2 BLACKLIST WIN: 11-5 (15:34)


GAME 2 BLACKLIST WIN: 16-12 (21:09)





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