Struggling Synergy vs. Solid Strategy

Struggling Synergy vs. Solid Strategy
Publish Date 05 Sep 2021
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After losing to RSG yesterday, Echo still wants to find their groove as they fight the current title holder, Blacklist International who just won their last game against their bitter rival Smart Omega. Coach Dale and the whole team still want to find their “echolocation” and start their winning ways, they are capable though by beating Bren Esport last week but they just lost a shocker as well in the form of RSG.

Blacklist on the other hand is still focusing on defending the crown and creating codes that seem to be unbreakable. By virtue of winning against NXPE, TNC, and OMEGA, Coach Bon Chan and the agents look so sharp in creating codes and breaking modes.


The dance started with the bans of the heroes that OhmyVeenus love to pick, the aggressive ban lead to a Kaja pick that proved to be an important one specially in taking the Alice of Bennyqt in the late game that lead to a game one win for the agents. The early control of the Blacklist really surprised Echo. However, Bennyqt and the boys in blue fought their way back but as the match went along it seems that Phoveus (Edward) and Beatrix (Oheb) are just too much for Echo to handle.

Hades was given a chance to have his stacks but that was all part of the plan, they invited Aldous and Alice to dash inside the area code of Blacklist only to get stomped by Phoveus time and time again. The control of Kimmy (Wise) is also important in shoving the heroes away from him and Oheb, the combination of hard-hitting juggernaut of Edward, the immaculate control of Veenus and the firepower of Oheb, Wise, and Hadji proved to be an improbable mountain to climb for Echo.

In game two however, the mountain crashed when the walls of Jayricho (Jaymeister) happened. In a shocker of a game Echo crashed every opportunity that Blacklist created and the best player of that game? It was the Demonking Hades with his Lancelot who was nursing an abysmal record as of that moment but Echo managed to faze all of the numbers and broke the code of Blacklist in game two.

The position of Rk3 with his Pharsa also created chances for Kurtzy (Paquito) and Hades. It was a total team effort so to speak but it was Hades who really shined. But the most notable part of the game was seen in the draft where in the second consecutive game the “Hack a Veenus” (Banning heroes of OhmyVeenus) is giving the agents problems that they might face in the later part of the tournament. But knowing the boys in black in white for sure they have something in store for all of us once that problem occurs.

But in typical Blacklist games they found their stride right where they needed it the most. Game three is where the agents showed their supremacy when they got their hands on the niche picks. Right from the get-go Blacklist already hits the gas pedal when they clash with echo in every chance they can get. Hadjizy (Martis) made life a living hell for the Demonking as he follows Hades’s Lancelot everywhere he goes to disrupt his farming.

Echo fought valiantly though as they secure the lord in the dying seconds of the game but Oheb (Alice) made sure that the trade for the lord will be the blood of Echo as they almost complete a full teamwipe on their way in securing their second victory in two days and remain unblemished after four outings, Echo on the other hand suffers their second consecutive losses, They remain a force though showing that by stomping Blacklist in game two let’s see if they can bounce back in their next games.


Game 1: Blacklist 13 - Echo 15 (20:39) MVP Edward: (7-1-13)


Game 2 Echo 18 - Blacklist 4 (11:25) MVP Hades: (12-0-4)


Game 3 Echo 10 - Blacklist 15 (12:46) MVP Oheb: (5-2-4)


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