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Coming off from a solid week, RSG and ECHO looks to contest on who has the better form. RSG- after faced with a packed schedule, capitalized on winning and garnering points. On the other hand, ECHO also did the same by winning two to bring them closer to the upper half. Even so, whoever wins would get a huge boost in their points. The difference is- Rafflesia, who missed RSG on their first meeting came in to play.

Yve is the headline of the first game's draft since we haven't seen it in a long while after E2Max used it for Omega Esports in Day 1. Aside from that, they settled with some standard picks. But the shoutcasters had some concerns with the X-Borg going to Demonkite- who is more of a passive hero than the active ones the rookie jungler uses. On the other hand, a surprise pick in Karrie begins the era of the marksmen as Bennyqt puts his hands on the critical hero as another Baxia jungle brings it in for Hadess and ECHO Philippines.

It was a whole lot of ECHO invasion in the first five minutes of the game. Quick rotations thanks to heroes like Baxia, Rafaela and Pharsa helped the Killer Whales to go from one lane to another to bring the pressure in the top side, taking down two turrets in swift fashion. However, RSG continues to equalize with both of the turtle objectives going to their side.

And those buffs really helped them in bringing the Lord objective to their side. Aqua's positioning with Yve's Real World Manipulation has been a big factor for them to take the lead in the 10th minute while also taking down one of ECHO's inhibitor turrets in the bottom lane.

However, KurtTzy with his Esmeralda truly excelled in disrupting the squishy heroes of RSG. 5/0/1 in 17 minutes just showed his discipline while even having heroes that can sustain a lot of damage. As soon as things went to the late game, RSG only had Iy4knu's Natan as the damage dealer, and it wasn't enough against a rotating tank with a healer like Rafaela to wrap Game #1. RK3 made sure that enough space was created with the use of the Feathered Airstrike, helping them secure the first point.

The second game started with a redraft for both teams in the first phase. The second set changed as soon as RSG banned KurtTzy's Esmeralda and ECHO taking out a Karrie of their own. With that, a well-rounded team composition is the get-up for both teams with a good snowball potential and a decent mid-game damage.

Half-baked team fights led to the objective taking right away because of the continuous pickoff potential both teams dealt damage and in the end, ECHO had the last laugh of the first few minutes after melting RSG's defenses.

However, RSG bounced back to equalize by taking out Hadess and RK3 to secure the first Lord of the game. They started to get comfortable with their items and decision-making, picking off the right heroes at the right moments, and destroying two inhibitor turrets to awaken the super minions from their base. A triple kill from Bennyqt bought some time for the rest of ECHO to get back in the game.

Slowly considering their options, one wrong call from a Black Dragon Form from KurtTzy gave way for RSG- who conserved their skills, waited for the right moment to strike as they took down Hadess and the rest of ECHO to tie the series and get a point of their own. Demonkite never died in the second part of the series as it was one of his cleanest games in his debut season.

And how do you close off a series between the contenders? By playing the strategy you know best, Rafflesia back with this Diggie from his previous AURA PH stint. Another notable pick is the Cecilion, which we haven't seen in a long time, used by RK3. Definitely a late game team composition coming from ECHO since all the scaling heroes come from their side.

It has been the same rotation ECHO did in the first game. They managed to drain the gold from the energy shield in the top lane for the first five minutes. However, there is a certain difference. Demonkite had the time of his life in terms of farming by taking the first two turtle objectives without being contested at all. Aside from that, Iy4knu has done nothing but push and kick the football to the enemy turrets. From there, ECHO never had the chance as they were deprived of the minions and jungle objectives to get gold and itemize. RSG showing why they are one position higher through the help of Demonkite using X-Borg in all three games, and Iy4knu's Bruno paired up with the Rafaela to heal and stay alive all the time.

"Reset lang. Bawi kami Game 2." Iy4knu when asked what Coach Panda told them after the Game 1 defeat.

RSG takes a solo third spot with 16 points as ECHO also gets 1 point for a total of 14 points in the standings.

GAME 1: ECHO WIN 17-13 (21:58)

GAME 2: RSG 18-10 (21:22)

GAME 3: RSG 19-6 (15:08)



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