RSG PH secures their dynasty, claims MSC championship over RRQ

RSG PH secures their dynasty, claims MSC championship over RRQ
Publish Date 21 Jun 2022
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THE LAST TIME these two teams met, it was RRQ who proved that their experience was an overwhelming factor over the up-and-coming RSG PH squad.

But in the grand finale, RSG did not repeat their mistakes in their previous matchup, and swept the Indonesian MPL champions 4-0.

The series was defined by RSG’s resilience and decision making at the late game.

Nathzz and Light save RSG PH

At the early stages of the game, RRQ Hoshi dominated the early game as they completely stomped Dylan “Light” Catipon and Eman “EMANN” Sangco. Light couldn’t initiate his setups while EMANN was left to dust by Calvin “VYN” and Deden "Clayyy" Muhammad Nurhasan’s Yve.

As the match went on, RSG couldn’t move forward as RRQ zoned them out perfectly. It seemed that they would even draw first blood at the 17th minute.

But then RSG reached their powerspike, while Nathanael “Nathzz” Estrologo harassed the backlines, forcing RRQ to pop their abilities and allowing Jonard Cedrix “Demonkite” Caranto to engage.

Besides Nathzz, Light also charged forward to bait Albert “Alberttt” Neilsen Iskandar and Clayyy’s abilities, which ultimately led to the long-range positioning from EMANN and Arvie “Aqua” Antonio. RRQ was left with no answer, forcing them to concede Game 1.

Nathzz sets his sights on Clayyy

Just like in Game 1, it was RRQ who took control of the early game, all thanks to that Akai pick. But it wasn’t Alberttt who was controlling him, as Rivaldi “R7” Fatah was responsible of setting up with the panda.

And just like in Game 1, RSG read their antics and prepared their countermeasures. Like a dog obsessed with a bone, Nathzz hounded Clayyy throughout the entire game, forcing the latter (and eventually the entire RRQ squad) to frantically stray away from the Raider ranks.

This eventually created space for Light to use his Noumenon Blast and most of his setups were on point as he was able to hit multiple members.

With Nathzz poking the backlines, RRQ had no response, once again, in Game 2.

RSG prove that they’re the late game kings

Since their matchup against Omega Esports, dubbed as the masters of the late game, RSG PH proved that they could follow in their footsteps, squeezing miracles from a ticking clock.

And they once again showed this in Game 3. It was a tightly knit battle at the early stages of the game, but RRQ managed to gain the upper hand even as VYN landed perfect I’m Offended plays on key members. Then they were able to push RSG inside their base.

But there were key problems from RRQ. When it comes to Lord fights, the IND team couldn’t make their mark in teamfights.

It was Light who shined at the latter stages of the game. With his 0/9/10 KDA standing, fans could easily make the argument that he was constantly dying, but by watching the clashes, his sacrifices produced the better result for RSG.

This was highlighted in the 20th minute when Light and Nathzz would sacrifice their lives, only for Aqua and EMANN to outmaneuver the entire team.

RRQ couldn’t find an answer from Light’s sudden entrances, leading to matchpoint.

RSG more systematic in the final game

While the previous game saw VYN provide the potential shock factor with his Ruby, Game 4 saw him struggle as RSG read his setups perfectly.

This allowed the Raiders to punish RRQ at the early stages of the game. It likewise didn't help that RSG was able to slow down RRQ's engagements all thanks to Nathzz's entrances, Aqua's ult, and EMANN's damage output.

And with Light making plays left and right, the pressure was too much for RRQ.

It was a hopeless situation for the Indonesian squad as they were forced to let go of their championship aspirations as the MPL-PH champions brushed them aside and secured their second major trophy of the year.

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