Revenge is real. Raiders sweep Omega on the second half of MPL-PH Season 10

Revenge is real. Raiders sweep Omega on the second half of MPL-PH Season 10
Publish Date 09 Sep 2022
Author Jerico Arguelles
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It is the start the second half of MPL-PH Season 10. Fresh from their lost against the M3 World Champion and looking back at the first half, RSG also lost to Omega. This time RSG chose to go blue side and picked up Valentina while Omega immediately picked Esmeralda and Beatrix. RSG answered by picking Claude and Dyroth. Since Akai is banned, Omega instantly locked in a Balmond to secure their objectives. We also got to see Light’s Lolita and a staple Karina pick for Demonkite while Omega picked Kagura and Franco.

Early game looked pretty good for RSG, getting the all three turtles, which established an almost three thousand (3 000) gold lead in less than 7 minutes. Great and decisive play coming from RSG they grouped as five and hunted the members of Omega almost wiping out their last season rival. RSG had a superior positioning as the second lord spawned, they managed to secure the lord and chased the members of Omega however, a crucial hook landed on EMANN’s Claude stopping RSG from their advance. 14 minutes into the game, RSG went for a conceal play. A big backstep Noumenon Blast landed on 3 members of Omega, killing Mikko’s Franco and Renzio’s Esmeralda. A minute later, Omega managed to pick off Nathzz’ Dyroth which allowed them to contest for the Lord and Raizen was able to secure the objective at the cost of two of their members extending the game to Omega Timer. 20 minutes into the game, Omega gambled and tried to pick off Nathzz however, Nathzz survived burning the ultimates of Omega which allowed his team to gain advantage in the lord fight. Omega was able to clear and defend the lord. Surprisingly, Omega once again gamble, flanking RSG as they take the final lord. However, Omega was a little bit short and RSG managed to secure the lord. A very messy team fight broke out killing the members from both teams while the lord marched in the middle lane ending the game, taking a win for RSG.


For the second game, Omega this time took the blue side. Fanny was able to survive the drafting phase which Omega immediately secured while RSG got to pick Valentina again and a Claude. We also got to see a Lancelot debut from Demonkite.

A solid early game for Omega, Kelra managed to secure a gold lane tower in just under 5 minutes, establishing a one-thousand gold lead against EMANN while Demonkite managed to secure the first turtle and Raizen was able to steal the second. During the third turtle take, Kelra was able to take down 2 towers in the exp lane in exchange for the third turtle. A minute-long lord dance erupted as the first lord spawned. Both teams are at equilibrium just after a lord take from RSG. However, Light was able to catch Kelra starting a huge team fight that favored RSG, two for none. Omega gave away the second lord for free which wiped out their remaining outer turrets. As the third lord spawned, Light managed to catch Kelra once again setting the tempo to end the game however, Omega was able to clear and defend their base even after an evolved Lord siege. 21 minutes into the game, the 4th Lord spawned. Omega tried to contest the objective unfortunately, Raizen is still in the base and Demonkite secured the lord. Thereafter EMANN’s Claude went all out burning everything on the members of Omega. Leaving only Kielvj to defend against the 5 Kingslayers. RSG took game number two, successfully exacting revenge for the first half of MPL-PH Season 10.


Game 1 (25:22): RSG PHILIPPINES 21; SMART OMEGA 9 (L):

Game 2 (22:06): SMART OMEGA 5 (L); RSH PHILIPPINES 14 (W)


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Game 1:

Game 2:

Game MVPs:

Game 1:

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