Publish Date 22 Oct 2021
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The MSC Champions squad demonstrate why they are champions and are stronger than ever despite flaunting a different banner in their team name.

OMG and ECHO follow up the action-packed series from NXPE and RSG. As the series decides the fate of both teams in their season playoff run, both teams are looking to go for their all. OMG decided to make another Brody appearance as Kelra locks in the hero. Standard picks are then followed with the likes of Barats for Renzio, Hayabusa for Raizen, Luo Yi for E2MAX and Mathilda for Ch4knu. ECHO opted for a scaling composition featuring the Alice for Bennyqt and Rafflesia locking in Chou as the tank. It was a slow pace at the start as both teams occupied their own lanes and jungle camps, avoiding early skirmishes that could hand in the first blood. Precise coordination from OMG allowed Raizen to take the all three turtles and start to rollover the lead. Ch4knu’s map presence made sure to disrupt ECHO’s opportunities to sneak in enemy territory, allowing OMG to snowball the lead from the early game and quickly pick off their targets with Raizen’s high damage potential with the Hayabusa. The lord take in the 11-minute mark started the steamrolling OMG to open up the base and pierce through the defenses, finishing off the injured ECHO members and secure the first win in the opening series.

The second game looked to be the part where ECHO had their goal to win show up. With Paquito now locked in as the jungler for ECHO, it enabled the team to secure all turtles in the early game followed by pummels that gave Hadess a kill advantage for the team. OMG fought back however, leading the scoreboard in the midgame and winning clashes. With the lord stolen by Raizen in the 12 – minute mark, it helped OMG push to the inhibitor turrets but the AoE composition of ECHO held the line and swept minion waves that halted the push. Hadess made a lord steal of his own in the 18 – minute mark which then gave ECHO their own opportunity to push and keep their playoffs hopes alive in a win on the second game.

The same story went on in the third game where the turtles are secured by ECHO and OMG taking the score lead to themselves. The damage potential of Raizen’s Hayabusa proved to be a strong threat for ECHO as Raizen’s roaming prowess secured pickoffs that gave the advantage to OMG and cripple ECHO’s rotations and forcing the squad to give up all outer turrets all within 10 minutes. All aspects of the map were in control of OMG when they had snowballed from the early game that greatly attributed to the squad’s winning advantage. The team had no holds barred as all members executed their heroes to their full extent, making spaces, avoiding the Tyrant’s Rage of Rafflesia and apply grievous wounds on multiple angles of ECHO. The lead was handed to OMG where the fortune favored them that easily left ECHO in awe. The second lord secure within 11 minutes punctured the defenses of ECHO and signaled OMG to go all in, force a clash that was winnable, and seal the inevitable victory to move on to match point.

With their playoffs life on the line, ECHO now locks in Yi Sun Shin for Hadess as the jungler. OMG surprised their foes with the second appearance for Luo Yi picked by E2MAX and a gold lane Aldous for Kelra. Patience was the plan for both teams but an overextension from Kelra gave the first blood to ECHO, greatly delaying his stacking potential and take the lead in the early game. The pace slowed down 5 minutes into the game as both teams waited for turtles to show up as the next opportunity to strike. The battles were close as kills were traded for every pickoff. Kelra, however, slowly started popping in the midgame where the accumulated stacks are now able to deal massive damage and Ch4knu, with his signature Khufra pick, is living up to the expectations as the playmaker that closes the gaps and maximizing the Tyrant’s Rage for the team. Slaying the lord 11 minutes into the match allowed OMG to pave the way for the lord to siege his way through the base of ECHO while they were distracted in the heat of battle. With ECHO’s base now breached by the lord and four members down, OMG locked their crosshairs into the heart of RSG, ignoring the defense thrown out by ECHO and finally break the base to secure the series and secure a slot to the second round of the playoffs.

GAME 1: OMG WIN 8-4 (12:45)

GAME 2: ECHO WIN 13-13 (21:41)

GAME 3: OMG WIN 12-1 (12:55)

GAME 4: OMG WIN 13-13 (12:05)