Regular Season? Don't worry about it, RSG took down their nemesis with a clean sweep

Regular Season? Don't worry about it, RSG took down their nemesis with a clean sweep
Publish Date 20 Oct 2022
Author Jerico Arguelles
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Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, and others make it happen. Onic Philippines made it happen as they stand on the same stage against the current champion reigning from MPL Season 9, RSG Philippines, on the first day of the playoffs of the milestone season, the MPL PH Season 10. A Best of Five series in hopes of advancing to face off the top 2 of the regular season, Echo, the following day.

Right off the bat Onic secured their sustain heroes first, the second "Holy Cow" Minotaur of the MPL S10 while RSG secured their damage dealers first – Claude and Pharsa. The early game was pretty exciting since there were lots of skirmish especially when the turtle spawns. Sensui’s Minotaur was able to secure two-to-three-man ultimates but there was not enough damage yet. As the first Lord spawned, Light caught 2 members of Onic using flicker + Fatal Links combo however, a great use of Cult Altar from SUPER FRINCE ensured minimal casualty.

Onic was able to turnaround the clash 3-2, resetting the objective in the process. 12 minutes into the game, a Lord dance started again, great use of skills from both team but again, Onic had the upper hand since SUPER FRINCE’s Cult Altar provided long enough sustain and immunity. Sensui secured the Lord, and a sniper shot from Nets took down the fleeing Demonkite. With the Lord siege, Onic turned the gold table around, acquiring a three thousand gold lead from their previous deficit. 16 minutes into the game, another lord dance erupted, however this time, RSG secured a kill into Nets. In consequence, Onic collapsed and Demonkite secured the second Lord.

10 seconds before the third Lord spawns, Light caught 3 members of Onic however, a great counter initiation from SUPER FRINCE, Rapidoot, and Sensui denied RSG from taking over. RSG managed to take down the Evolved Lord while Nets went for a backdoor play using his Beatrix unfortunately, the recent tower buff and nerfs on Beatrix took the toll and he failed. With this, Raiders took game number one.

For game number two, we got to see a different draft coming from both Onic and RSG while they retained a Minotaur and Pharsa from game number one. The early game leaned towards the Raiders, they were able to secure the first two turtles while the third one went to the side of Onic. A consistent Feather Airstrike performance from Aqua ensured kills and zoning capabilities for the side RSG.

RSG accumulated six thousand (6000) gold lead by the time they took down the first Lord. The Lord siege from RSG demolished every outer tower of Onic. 13 minutes into the game, RSG took the second Lord without any contest from Onic. The second Lord siege allowed RSG to take down the remaining inhibitor turret of Onic. By the time the third Lord spawned, Onic tried a very risky play however in the end, Demonkite juked a flicker from Rapidoot and managed to secure the final Lord in addition, RSG chased down the members of Onic taking down 4 before they ended the game.


We got to see another flavor for game number three. This time, it was RSG that prioritized Faramis while Onic got Pharsa, we also got to see the first Jawhead game of the MPL S10. Onic Philippines was on fire in the early game, they were ahead of two thousand gold in just 2 minutes however, it was Demonkite who secured the first turtle. Cross-map skirmishes allowed Onic to maintain their lead, not letting the Raiders to breath. Despite Onic having the early lead, RSG secured all three turtles, shrinking the gold lead to less than a thousand gold. RSG having recovered from their early mistakes, also took down the first Lord. It allowed the Raiders to demolish every outer turret of Onic, shrinking their opponent's map control significantly.

A Lord fight erupted 14 minutes into the game, RSG secured the Lord however, Onic took down Light’s Jawhead and a great wall from Rapidoot allowed Onic to survive a potential wipeout. RSG sieged Onic’s base looking to end the series. Light tried to pick off SUPER FRINCE however, he had a winter truncheon available and baited Light, surviving the tower dive and he cast Feather Airstrike to defend against 5 members of RSG, foiling RSG’s plan to end the series. 18 minutes into the game a Lord dance broke out, Onic managed to secure important kills onto Nets and Demonkite. Just when we thought it was Onic time, RSG managed to fight back 3-4, resetting the Lord in the end. After respawning there was the continuation of the Lord dance, Onic tried to flank RSG however, a failed engage from Rapidoot allowed RSG to secure the Lord despite having low HPs. There was no casualty from a minute-long fight and Onic defended the Lord.

In the end, RSG managed to isolate and take down Ryota in the top lane. A great flank from Light ejected Nets’ Irithel onto the members of RSG. With that, there were only three to defend, Raiders reigned supreme 3-0 against their regular season nemesis.


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