Raizen to the Occasion. OMG take down NXPE in El Classico Rivalry Matchup 2-1.

Raizen to the Occasion. OMG take down NXPE in El Classico Rivalry Matchup 2-1.
Publish Date 05 Mar 2022
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Long time MPL Rivals NXP and OMG go head to head to conclude the second day of Week 3 with their first offline matchup in this year’s season.

Raizen’s Ling wanted to prove his hater’s wrong that he is the weak link to the members of OMG, shining in his own way with poise and create space for the rest of the team especially Kelra’s Popol and Kupa and E2Max Selena that helped the team snowball early.

H2WO’s Helcurt may have surprised the series with the debut of the assassin, the darkening was not enough to take OMG down, coming from a squad that made momentum after getting their first win.

Ch4knu also put some work for the team with his own Chou that locked down priority targets and deny Elpizo’s Mathilda any opportunity to fly away, dominating the early game all through the later phase of the game which gave OMG easy work to take the first game to their favor.

Just when OMG thought they had the momentum built up for a comeback story, NXPE says otherwise in a dominating second game.

Ch4knu’s Franco and E2Max on the Selena were not enough to halt the scaling composition drafted by NXPE in which enabled H2wo (Hayabusa), DONUT (Beatrix) and Elpizo (Mathilda) to rack kills for themselves, boosting their morale and damage output and take control of the laning stage.

DONUT’s sniper and shotgun shots were on point in securing the kills and the aggression of the marksman had shut the members of OMG down which gave them an explosive surprise. They gave zero chances for their stunned opponents to bounce back and made quick work to take game number 2 and force a tiebreaker in the el classico matchup.

In a battle for swagger, for pride and bragging rights, the tiebreaker had seemed to be a game where the winner gets to showcase themselves as the better team against each other.

Similar picks were locked in for both teams, but the one that stood out the most were E2max specialty Selena and Ch4knu Chou that complemented each other perfectly for the setups and pickoffs that enabled the snowballing opportunities of their own teammates.

The valiant effort of H2wo’s Hayabusa in taking objectives and side lanes gave hope to their struggling squad caused by the Aulus of Raizen as well that topped the damage off the charts for OMG and hammered down any opponent it could get its hands into.

With the early lead handed to OMG, the squad did not hesitate to take the final lord in the 14 minute mark to assist them in their charge to victory. In the last stand of NXPE, the members of OMG showered all the damage they needed to take down the turrets and take down the base to win the tiebreaker and take their second win of the season.

Post Match

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3:


Game 1: OMG (W) 11 - 4 (L) NXPE (14:53)

Game 2: OMG (L) 5 - 15 (W) NXPE (14:11)

Game 3: OMG (W) 13 - 5 (L) NXPE (15:42)


Game 1

Game 2:

Game 3:

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