Raiders once again claimed the glory as they stumble upon the old King, BREN Esports

Raiders once again claimed the glory as they stumble upon the old King, BREN Esports
Publish Date 27 Aug 2022
Author Jerico Arguelles
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RSG-PH and BREN Esports both answered their opponent's bans in the first phase, banning priority matchups like Valentina vs Faramis, and Beatrix vs Wanwan. BREN immediately went for an aggressive draft picking Akai, Paquito, and Natalia forcing Light to pick Diggie to avoid the potential lockdowns of Heavy Spin and to protect Claude.

In the early game, there was no noticeable gold lead even with multiple turtles take from BREN. RSG on the other hand, allocated most of their manpower in the gold lane as there is a huge kill potential on Claude in the early game because of Owgwen's Natalia. RSG found their timing in the third turtle fight, they took the turtle and 2 outer towers of BREN in exchange of Nathzz' Esmeralda. BREN Esports started to struggle as RSG gets the first lord for free, gaining momentum. As RSG sieged BREN's base Owgwen tried to pick off Aqua's Xavier but failed, collapsing his team's position as they react to his play. RSG punished him and killed off the other 3 members of BREN Esports immediately securing game number one for themselves.


For game number 2, both teams changed their strategy. This time, BREN traded Wanwan to get Julian and Paquito. However, RSG immediately answered with Phoeveus as BREN's composition is brimming with dashes as well as to protect Wanwan from the potential of BREN taking Phoeveus for themselves.

In contrast to game number one, both teams were very aggressive in the early part of the game, accumulating 5 total kills in less than 3 minutes. However, BREN flipped their switch, showing their dominance early on despite RSG having a Lylia and Balmond for their early stages of the game. In the 13th minute mark, Nathzz was providing vision for his team but was caught off guard because of the burst damage of BREN Esports, killing him immediately. Light tried to save him but instead died, popping off his immortality. Kousei on the other hand, successfully activated Crossbow of Tang but the members of BREN Esports were way too tanky for him to turn around the team fight and Pheww was able to take him down after he landed his ultimate. BREN chased and took down the remaining members of RSG, extending the series to game number three.


In game number three, both teams banned Wanwan and Beatrix match up just like game number one. But this time opened Valentina vs Faramis match up instead, securing Cult Altar for both teams. At the same time, both teams went for a late game marksman and a pick off composition because of Chou for BREN and Franco for RSG.

In the early game, no team could get the gold lead to above a thousand gold as both teams go for trade after trades and  juke after jukes. Cult altar popping out each and every team fight only relying on the marksman for both teams. But as the game went on, RSG step by step gained the momentum. In the 13th-minute mark again as the lord spawned, RSG with an ambush on the top lane bush managed to pick off Owgwen's Chou instantly. But instead of backing off, BREN continued to team fight popping their ultimates left and right chasing the members of RSG. However, RSG managed to kill SUPER MARCO's Claude immediately tumbled the balance of the 2 teams as EMANN on his Irithel is still alive. Punishing the reckless decision of BREN Esports, RSG managed to wipe out 4 members of BREN, and took a Lord as well. BREN tried to defend their base but the Raiders still took the old Champion's base despite its relentless struggle.


GAME 1 (14:55) - BREN 3 (L); RSG 13 (W):

GAME 2 (13:54) - RSG 7 (L); BREN 16 (W):

GAME 3 (16:27) - BREN 9 (L); RSG 26 (W):





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