PLAYOFFS secured as Blacklist defy the odds against the Kingslayers

PLAYOFFS secured as Blacklist defy the odds against the Kingslayers
Publish Date 26 Sep 2021
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Challenging the champions is really a tough task for every team this season. Blacklist proved that they are the team to beat as they stomped every attempt on their way to ninth straight victory but, if there is a team that can challenge the champions, it is RSG. Known as the Kingslayers they’ve shown that yes, a new team on the rise but they can play with the best especially with the come from behind victory against another contender in the form of Echo on their last outing. Blacklist on the other hand had a quick game against TNC 2-0 on their way to their ninth game winning streak. During their first meeting Blacklist beat the hell out of RSG in two games as they proved that the code is not yet ready to be broken but since then RSG went through ups and downs and now let us see if they are ready to conquer the unbreakable code of Blacklist and put them to their hit list.

The game started with RSG blasting Blacklist from every side of the game the connection of Nathzz (Uranus) and Aqua (Pharsa) proved to be a formidable tandem as they choked Blacklist from side to side the Angela by Heath gave RSG a chance to engage with Blacklist freely and the clutch Natan by Iyaknu dealt a huge amount of damage and proved to be the problem for Blacklist. But just like in other sports a good defense is a better offense. As the boys in black and white slowly grind their way as they take crucial pick offs and secure the Lord on their way to mount a comeback against RSG. OhmyVeenus (Rafaela) and Oheb (Alice) worked hand-in-hand in securing kills for Blacklist that opened the opportunity for Edward (Balmond) and Wise (Yi-Sun-Shin) to clean up. Hadji and his Yve pick played an important role as he mitigated the attack of RSG with his well-placed real world manipulations.

When Blacklist smelled blood during game one they followed it with a flawless victory in game two. RSG suffered from a methodical destruction that Blacklist manifested, Wise ( Aldous) provided the ground and pound from the jungle while Hadji (Kadita) and Oheb (Kimmy) proved the necessary magic damage and Edward (Barats) provided the wall that RSG failed to break. Iyaknu (Karrie) and Aqua (Yve) give Blacklist a fight in the middle part of the game as they take important kills on Wise and Edward. But the longer the game stretched the harder the game for RSG and when Blacklist decided to end the game, they finished it by wiping out the whole RSG squad. Playoffs was secured by the virtue of this victory for Blacklist, the next goal is to make sure that they will be on the top of the pack. RSG on the other hand still need to find their way to secure a top two finish after this loss against the current champions

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