Pheww proves why he is the 'Idol ng mga Kids' as they swept the victory off of Blacklist International.

Pheww proves why he is the 'Idol ng mga Kids' as they swept the victory off of Blacklist International.
Publish Date 10 Mar 2023
Author Christian "TooFast" Tupas
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Two names seated at the top of the Worlds on two different periods of time happened to find themselves clashing for Week 4's opener. This match-up was once recognized as 2022's match of the year. Who will emerge as victors?

Since then when these two teams know each other pretty well, the draft turned out to be very specific, especially targeting banning each of their respective strengths: their mid-duos. With this being said, META side lane picks had been opened up. Super Marco was able to get his Wanwan and Edward had his Joy. BLCK ended up with a late game-centric type of line-up with Wise's Alice and BREN ended up with a hyperactive team fight-oriented line-up with Owgwen's Atlas and Pheww's Julian.

As expected, the early game went to BREN's possession. Turtles and turret objectives had been easily taken by the Hive and were amplified by Owgwen's set-ups connecting to multiple members of BLCK, topped off by Flaptzy's explosive Arlott gameplay hyper-extending and assisting to the set-ups as well. Space has been given to Super Marco as well. As early as 6 minutes more or less, Super Marco already had his core items.

Approaching 15 minutes into the game, BLCK was able to retaliate after successfully defending an inhibitor turret dive from BREN. They were able to punish Flaptzy as he tried to initiate with his Final Slash finishing in a 4-1 trade with Owgwen left for BREN. Death timers for BREN aren't that long enough for BLCK to inflict comeback pushes against them. BREN was able to end the game to prevent BLCK from fully coming back with Wise's late-game potential because of the turrets and items they secured as early as possible thus getting the W and the match point.

The game 2 draft started off with exactly the same 6 bans from both parties. BLCK went to correct where they went wrong from Game 1: prioritizing Lolita for Ohmyv33nus to counter Super Marco's Wanwan. Bren then went to get Valentina for Pheww during the first phase. BLCK also went to balance their line-up and not rely much on the late game with Wise's Baxia. Owgwen ended up picking a Ruby for the counter mechanics against Ohmyv33nus's possible set-ups. BLCK seemed to have better match-ups than what they had from Game 1.

It really reflected as the game started. Unlike Game 1, BLCK prevented BREN from taking in charge of the early game through Wise's fast rotation. Although BREN still holds the lead for securing objectives, BLCK was able to secure kills to maintain striking distance against BREN. Super Marco had been silenced all throughout the laning phase. In fact, at around 8:38, BLCK secured a wipeout to fully take control of the game. BLCK also secured a luminous lord to infiltrate BREN's base.

Approaching 14 minutes, BLCK almost finished the game but with Pheww's I am You x Nomenoun Blast connecting to 4 Agents, they were able to defend and turn tables around during the 15-minute mark. Owgwen's I Am Offended plus again Pheww's imitated Noumenon Blast helped them secure a clash transitioning to take the Lord against BLCK and end the game by winning a major skirmish at the base siege, thus taking the series against the Codebreakers.

















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