Onic Time defeats Omega Timer

Onic Time defeats Omega Timer
Publish Date 27 Aug 2022
Author Jerico Arguelles
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Onic Philippines went for a very greedy late-game draft, picking both Claude and Cecillion against the early-game draft of Barangay Omega. Omega capitalizing on their early game team composition went aggressive but was repeatedly punished in the first 3 minutes of the game. Eventually, the relentless effort of Omega to make their team composition work paid off as they secured 5 consecutive kills around the map which resulted in a free turtle take. As the lord spawned, we saw a magnificent Way of the Dragon + flicker combo of Rapidoot on Ch4knu. Unfortunately, Ch4knu survived as the lord dance continued.

As the Lord's hitpoints went below 10k, Omega tried to re-engage but Sensui's Heavy Spin fell on three of their members, knocking them back unable to secure the Lord. By the 20th-minute mark, Omega was able to pick off both Rapidoots' Chou and Der's Esmeralda as well as a free lord, turning around the momentum of the game.  As the Lord spawned once again, Onic was able to secure the Lord. Surprisingly, Omega was able to turn things around as they killed 3 members of Onic and sieged the rookies' base just before the Lord spawns on their base.


For the second game, Onic denied a Wanwan pick for Kelra. This time, Omega drafted a very expensive team composition as they went for Ling and a Claude. At the same time, we finally see the 2nd Fredrinn of the MPL- PH on the side Omega. The early game of Omega was severely lacking, it was evident as they gave away 4 kills to none within 7 minutes.

A minute later however they were able to answer, taking out Der's Esmeralda and Sensui's Karina, almost equalizing the gold lead. As the lord spawned, Ch4knu's Noumenon Blast stunned 2 people from Onic. Unfortunately, there was no follow-up, Ch4knu was then punished. Omega collapsed as a few seconds later, Sensui's Karina took down Raizen and E2MAX. Soon Kelra and Renzio followed their squadmates to the grave as Onic wiped them out giving away a free Lord. At the 17th-minute mark, Omega took the Lord bait while Sensui's Karina was patiently waiting on Omega's side bush. He took out Raizen's Ling and soon he and  Kelra followed Raizen's footstep. Onic secured the lord and unleashed an onslaught on the Barangay's base, extending the second series of the day to game number three.


In game number three, new drafts were revealed. Both teams did not ban either priority Marksmans but instead picked them. Omega immediately secured Wanwan and Beatrix for the side of Onic. We also saw the comeback of Ch4kmamba's Khufra in the MPL-PH.

The early game was very calm, the first team fight with casualty broke out in the second turtle fight. SUPER FRINCE's Abyssal Traps and Arrows were very crucial to Onic getting these necessary early pick offs. Just before the first Lord spawned, Onic was able to secure kills on Kelra and Raizen resulting in a free Lord take. 16 minutes into the game, a lord dance broke out. Both teams were calculating their opponent, not recklessly engaging. However, Onic took the lead once again as Rapidoot was able to catch Renzio using the Way of the Dragon + Flicker combo. Ch4knu in frustration tried to make a game-changing Tyrant's Revenge + Flicker engage but ended up in disaster. Onic took the Lord and marched towards their victory against the People's favorite, Barangay Omega.

GAME 1 (25:15): OMG 13 (W); ONIC 11 (L)

GAME 2 (19:48): ONIC 19 (W); OMG 7 (L)

GAME 3 (18:09) - OMG 2 (L); ONIC 12 (W)






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