ONIC Strong, ONIC Through it All. Against the Feared Super Team, ONIC PH Take Down ECHO in Dominating Reverse sweep

ONIC Strong, ONIC Through it All. Against the Feared Super Team, ONIC PH Take Down ECHO in Dominating Reverse sweep
Publish Date 08 Apr 2022
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In a battle of securing the top 2 spot for ECHO, ONIC look to fight it off head to head in the final series of the day.

ONIC looks to send a message by letting Micophobia play in for the team. ECHO, with their loud and proud status, are still intact with their roster and the Tzy brothers pose as the biggest threat of the league.

The members of ONIC show no fear of the super team and see themselves as the stronger team in the early stages of the game, securing the turtles and objectives and applying pressure into their opponent by taking down turrets faster than ECHO could get a breather.

After scaling enough gold in the 10 minute mark for ECHO, the squad led by KarlTzy’s Helcurt darkened but put the Land of Dawn on fire as the Helcurt jungle demolishes into the backline dependent draft of ONIC that relied on Baloyskie’s Yve and Markyyyy’s Wanwan.

Masha on Yawi also stepped up in going in for the takedowns against priority targets, being the tanky damage dealer for the team to be crowned MVP for the first game.

ONIC made a surprise for their loud and proud rivals by locking in Aldous for Markyyyy in the second game for easy backline access and Micophobia’s Franco to further stun the composition drafted by ECHO with the hook and bite combo. Kairi also joined Lancelot for the added burst, demolishing the Tzy trio and locking down BennyQt because of the high damage ceiling made up by the squad. This easily gave up multiple kills for ECHO, and gave them the win and a tiebreaker for the night.

ONIC, saying that their key to victory was locking in Micophobia, lived up to the hype and locked in Selena in the tiebreaking game of the series. Similar to the previous games, every minute was a bloodbath and a flurry of punches thrown into each other. The difference maker was the arrows coming out of nowhere from Micophobia that pummeled down their defenses and exposed multiple health bars of his opponents, giving the range advantage and pressure against ECHO. The connection of the team overall gathered the strengths of ONIC and became another reverse sweep series against ECHO, proving that standings or reputations for the current season do not matter, and every game is anyone's game.

Picks and Bans

Game 1: ECHO (W) 12 - 10 (L) ONIC (14:09)

Game 2: ECHO (L) 4 - 13 (W) ONIC (14:39)

Game 3: ECHO (L) 13 - 13 (W) ONIC (14:54)

Post Match

Game 1:

Game 2:

Game 3:


Game 1:

Game 2:

Game 3:

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