Off to a Fresh Start: How Will The Rising Phoenixes Fare Against the Former World Champions?

Off to a Fresh Start: How Will The Rising Phoenixes Fare Against the Former World Champions?
Publish Date 14 Aug 2022
Author Vincent Pajenago
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With both teams coming from a loss in the debut of MPL-PH S10, they are looking forward to wrapping up the first week of the league with a win. After shocking everyone with their explosive run last season, even making it into the top three, will TNC prove that the Phoenix has finally risen from the ashes as they go up against the M2 Champions?

It was evident that Pheww’s veteran experience has been a tremendous help as they go up against the Phoenix Squad in today’s series. With early pokes coming from Pheww’s Lylia and Owgwen’s Akai, it was easy for KyleTzy’s Ling to assassinate those whose healths are low. As the Phoenix Squad heavily banks on Yasuwo’s Karrie’s single-target damage with successful trades aided by Benthings’ Franco, it was proven to be ineffective as the rest of the squad of BREN collapsed on to them. With BREN's astounding gold lead wielded, the seemingly objective-centric team TNC struggles to snatch any neutral objective against them. 

What a way to introduce the new Tzy in town as BREN seemingly has read the textbook play that TNC has, they take Game #1.

FLEXIBILITY IS THE NAME OF THE GAME. TNC Pro Team had a totally opposite strategy compared to their loss in game #1. Coming into game #2, their draft revolved around damage—the flipside is that it severely lacks tankiness, with only Benthings’ Lolita and SDzyz’s Karina soaking the damage from their opponents, it proved to be inadequate. While the game was a relatively slow game in terms of kills, the dominance brought by the combination Pheww’s Faramis assistance and Owgwen’s Diggie with the vision ensured utmost protection for their squad.

The Phoenix Squad was rendered helpless as they are backed into the corner as the former World Champions proves that they have read the textbook play of their opponent. BREN takes game #2 and the series, 2-0.


GAME 1 (15:44) - BREN 14 (W); TNC 11 (L)

GAME 2 (16:26) - TNC 4 (L); BREN 6 (W)


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