Nowhere to Go But Up Falls Short as TNC Finds Itself in A Deeper Hole As It Clashes Against the Current Champions

Nowhere to Go But Up Falls Short as TNC Finds Itself in A Deeper Hole As It Clashes Against the Current Champions
Publish Date 16 Sep 2022
Author Vincent Pajenago
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After securing a podium finish last season, TNC finds itself in a difficult position after struggling to win against their opposing teams this MPL-S10. Currently placed last 6th week into the season, they are looking to redeem themselves and prove that their signature textbook play is up and ready as they go up against the Kingslayers. Will the Phoenix Squad finally be able to regain its spark or will it get further stomped on in today’s series?

In what looked like an easy early aggressive gameplay coming from RSG-PH upon securing Fanny for Demonkite, TNC Pro Team proved that they came prepared. With continuous crowd control coming from Benthings’ Ruby, Fanny’s mobility has been limited. This made things awkward for RSG-PH as their opponents slowly took control of the game. From there, it was simply game domination in terms of objectives, team fight, and macro gameplay displayed by the Phoenix Squad—armed with Escalera’s Lunox and Yasuwo’s Beatrix as Kramm’s Paquito and SDzyz’s Balmond sustained all of the opponent’s damage. Still, Light’s playmaking prowess in Atlas, coupled with Aqua’s Yve has made it difficult for TNC to end the game. In the end, the objective-centric nature of the Balmond proved to be effective as the current MPL-PH champions were left helpless as all of their space was conquered by the Phoenixes. TNC takes Game #1. 

It was a bold draft coming from the TNC Pro Team as they put out a composition full of melee heroes. Naturally, they would be in control of the early game because of their composition—SDzyz wielding Aamon, Benthings’ Chou, Yasuwo with the Paquito, Kramm using Esmeralda, and Escalera’s Selena. Demonkite’s Balmond has been halted as their opponents took objectives upon objectives, kills upon kills. In fact, 26 minutes into the game, the Phoenix Squad was leading 10k in gold and no turret has been destroyed from their end. However, patience and composure are the names of the game. The Kingslayers knew their power spike and their strengths, they knew who to protect—EMANN’s Beatrix and Aqua’s Xavier. As their three teammates circled around them, it was as if it was an impenetrable wall as Light shows his prowess in his role. It is, indeed, the Light at the end of the tunnel as they take Game #2, extending the series to Game #3.

The momentum brought by their win in Game #2 has worked in favor of the current MPL-PH champions. Being able to take control of the early game and despite the Balmond pick of SDzyz who is very known for being very objective-centric, the precise skill-layering ensured that they get the neutral objectives they needed to get. This manifested in their perfect securing of all the neutral objectives as TNC was left unable to react to the fast-paced game coming from the Kingslayers. True enough, the demon in Demonkite’s Karina has been unleashed as he secures not just the objectives but also a savage as they prove why they are the defending champions. RSG-PH takes game #3, reverse-sweeping the Phoenix Army.


GAME 1 (22:12) - TNC 14 (W); RSG 12 (L)

GAME 2 (29:11) - TNC 9 (L); RSG 14 (W)

GAME 3 (29:11) - RSG 14 (W); TNC 7 (L)



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