NEXPLAY EVOS shoots down the TNC's Rising Phoenix 2-0

NEXPLAY EVOS shoots down the TNC's Rising Phoenix 2-0
Publish Date 13 Aug 2022
Author Jerico Arguelles
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After losing a series 2-1 against BLCK and giving the first savage of MPL-PH Season 10 to Oheb on Day 1 of the opening week, NXPE is thirsty for their first win against TNC.

Although TNC secured multiple kills in the early game, H2wo was able to steal and secured two turtles that allowed NXPE to equalize the gold. As the lord spawned, H2wo was caught off guard by Benthings and Yasuo, killing the NXPE’s jungler. However, committing three ultimates on H2wo had cost TNC a lot as Yellyhaze’s Dawning Light cut through three members leaving Escalera’s Angela alone to defend their side. In a later macro play, NXPE was able to trade Micophobia’s Natalia for a lord. TNC successfully defended their base and started chasing 4 members NXPE as Crossbow of Tang has been activated. However, Microphobia's eyes were on the prize. He did a bold move, he cancelled his recall and backdoored TNC’s base, taking game number one's MVP for himself.

NXPE was eager to secure game number two, using an aggressive playstyle that allowed them to control the map in less than 7 minutes. However, TNC was tenacious, trading back and forth, and was able to defend their base until they were able to equalize the gold at the 16-minute mark and secured a lord for themselves at the cost of their 2 key members extending the game by another 3 minutes. Unfortunately, NXPE was just better at micro and macro mechanics which led to their 2-0 win, turning the Phoenix into ashes.


Game 1 (14:47) TNC PRO TEAM 12 (L); NEXPLAY EVOS 7 (W):

Game 2 (20:25) TNC PRO TEAM 11 (L); NEXPLAY EVOS 20 (W):


Game 1:

Game 2:

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