New Code Uploaded. Blacklist International Secures First Season Win in Clean Sweep Over BREN Esports

New Code Uploaded. Blacklist International Secures First Season Win in Clean Sweep Over BREN Esports
Publish Date 05 Mar 2022
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Another day of action in the Land of Dawn commences with Blacklist International and BREN Esports, dueling it out to secure their first win of Season 9. Both win hungry, world – renowned teams face off head to head in hopes of stabilizing their reputation and stay in track in the pack.

The first game saw both teams showing how hungry they are with exchanges of kills all around the map and handing the gold lead to each other all game long. Kevier (Ling) shows the new shade of black for the squad as he steps up for the team with an agenda of taking the kills and gearing up for the momentum building of Blacklist International, ramping up the lead in kills and paint the Land of Dawn with blue minions as they push further after the early objectives and tempo secured by BREN.

DEX STAR (Lolita) saw the chance to maximize his pick in the later stages of the game by applying map pressure and zoning out multiple BREN members, forcing Flap (Yu Zhong) to go in early and disorient the positioning of BREN and take the odds for Blacklist.

The final lord take in the 23 minute mark by Kevier sealed the deal for the new shade of black, sweeping the turrets and gave Oheb (Clint) the cherry on top triple kill to secure the first game.

The second game looked to be the redemption story for BREN as they are able to lock in the Chou for Joy Boy which became a problem for Blacklist International in the early game with the alley oop Ways of the Dragon that gave the early game advantage to the members of BREN.

As time went on, however, the Filipino sniper OHEB with the Beatrix and Kevier on the Roger scaled throughout the game that rolled over the advantage to their advantage and suffocate BREN in a tight corner as the kills continue to ramp up and turrets being demolished in the 11 minute mark. Hadji’s Pharsa also proved to be another problem for BREN since its territorial zoning marked multiple areas in the Land of Dawn as Blacklist’s area of coverage.

Saxa (Paquito) gave the crippling BREN’s heads floating above water as the lord steals denied easy access to their base and give hope despite losing most of the towers in the base. Both teams served another long game which shows how the two do not want to give up another defeat too easily.

In the end, the final lord take secures the game again for Blacklist international, sweeping BREN Esports and finally grabbing their first win for the season. BREN remain winless as the squad hopes to bounce back in Week 4.

Game 1: BLCK (W) 15 - 7 BREN (L) (24:23)

Game 2: BLCK (W) 18 - 8 BREN (L) (24:52)


Game 1

Game 2

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