"Never Say Die!" Says the Barangay

"Never Say Die!" Says the Barangay
Publish Date 11 Mar 2023
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TNC and OMG still urge to find their groove halfway through the regular season. Although showing respectable games against their opponents, both teams would have to step up their game if they want to go far in this MPL season.


OMG prioritized a flexible Fredrinn for their first pick, but TNC responded with Arlott and Claude as their damage dealers. OMG then drafted Pharsa and Chou as their middle lane duo, meanwhile TNC amped up their damage potential by picking Kadita. OMG concluded their draft with Gloo and Kelra’s Beatrix, as TNC’s response was a Ling accompanied by Grock for Benthings.

The game started with OMG securing the first Turtle, followed by a 1-for-1 trade from both teams. Due to the nature of Fredrinn, it was easy for OMG to secure neutral objectives; TNC needed to wait for their respective power spikes to be able to resist OMG’s pressure. As the first Lord spawned, OMG sat with a 3.6 thousand gold lead, enabling them to easily secure the Lord. The damage from OMG, specifically from Stowm and Kelra, was truly felt by TNC. OMG then secured the next Lord, with the hopes of trying to end the game. After a long sustained team fight by the base of TNC, OMG finally managed their way to destroy it, winning the first game of the series.



As TNC possessed the first pick, they prioritized Arlott, hence OMG still secured Fredrinn and Pharsa once again on their side. TNC was able to draft Diggie, which can be a gamechanger as a counter for possible crowd control threats. It was a different draft for TNC, as they revealed new heroes for the series such as HIlda and Julian. Meanwhile, OMG remained standard with their composition, picking Moskov, Lapu-Lapu and Chou. 

Surprisingly, OMG secured the first Turtle without any contest since TNC was focused on pressuring the EXP lane. Most skirmishes that happened all over the map were won by OMG, giving them the upper hand and pressure. OMG funneled their damage output onto Kelra, who was focused on taking down enemy turrets. TNC’s draft lacked damage due to their unorthodox composition, as they needed to wait for Innocent to scale in time. OMG secured the first Lord, but TNC picked off Kelra in exchange. OMG then secured the next Lord once again, but as they attempted to siege into TNC’s base, TNC was able to retaliate and wipe out the side of OMG. This gave enough space for TNC to recuperate and prepare for the next Lord. As TNC attempted to siege into OMG’s base, Kerala miraculously fended off the members of TNC, wiping them out for a comeback play, resulting in the Barangay securing the series 2-0.



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