MPL-PH Player Interview - OhMyV33NUS

MPL-PH Player Interview - OhMyV33NUS
Publish Date 13 Aug 2020
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Jonmar Villaluna, or widely known as QueenV, is the Support player of ONIC PH. Besides her dream of being a pro-player to become the bread and butter of her career, QueenV strives to be better, game after game. Her LEGENDARY advice to all her fans is: Keep it Simple!

A: OhMyV33NUS.

Q: What hero would you like to cosplay in MLBB? Why?
A: Odette, so I have a cute boyfriend lancelot.

Q: If you can obtain 1 skill from any hero in MLBB, which hero and skill would it be?
A: Angela, and her ultimate, because I love to papi papi poom.

Q: If you can choose one hero as a girlfriend, who do you want to choose? Why?
A: Ewwwww. Are you serious? I’m not a lesbian.

Q: Which hero do you dislike most or don't want to see it in the matches? Why?
A: Layla because it's a sign when one of your teammates is a cancer and gonna troll you .

Q: What easily triggers you in game?
A: All of the above because one mistake can lead to an easy win for the enemy.

Q: When and how did you hear about MPL-PH?
A: Facebook during Season 3.

Q: When did you first hear about MLBB, and when was your first game?
A: Feb 2019.

Q: In which season did you join the MPL-PH?
A: Season 4 1st runner-up.

Q: Why do you want to become a pro player?
A: It was always my dream to earn money from doing my passion which is playing games.

Q: What are you most proud of about being a pro player?
A: When I started helping my family financially.

Q: What is your motivation to keep playing professionally?
A: My family.

Q: What does your family think about you being a pro player?
A: They were always against me playing games, but when I joined MPL and started helping my family financially, they started to realize that not all the times playing games is bad. Now, they're all very happy and supportive to me.

Q: Who is your biggest opponent in MPL-PH? Who do you want to win against the most? Why?
A: My biggest opponent in MPL is myself. And the team I want to win the most is Execration because I really love playing against them.

Q: Which MPL match/game impressed you the most? Why?
A: ONIC PH vs SGD Game 1 in MPL S5 playoffs because it was the longest game I played competitively, and it was very exciting winning that game.

Q: What was your biggest regret during a match/tournament.
A: Not being good enough.

Q: Favorite training method? Why?
A: Vocalizanationizm because as the shot caller of the team, I am using my voice to raise awareness in certain causes like commanding my team.

Q: Who do you feel the most pressured by in your team?
A: Myself, because I always do my best to give the best game for the viewers.

Q: What do you wish to achieve the most from being a pro player?
A: Money. It was always my wish to provide a very big house to my family.

Q: In the future, will you want to become a coach / caster / or leave esports? Why?
A: Yes, I always wanted to be a coach. I’m confident I can be a good coach.

Q: To you, what is the most difficult thing in life?
A: Being far away from my mother and sister.

Q: What do you often do in the off-season?
A: Interact with fans through streaming.

Q: What do you want to say to your past or future self?
A: Wag kang tamad!

Q: Do you have any nicknames? What are they?
A: Ms./ Ganda/ Benok.

Q: What is the person/thing that affects you most?
A: My family. Because they're my life.

Q: What is your biggest advantage?
A: My experience and my brain cells.

Q: Most difficult thing to learn as a pro player (mechanics, macro play, build knowledge, team composition, etc)? What do you want to suggest to your fans who also want to be pro players?
A: How to handle bashers. Winning or losing there’s always gonna be a basher, might as well not mind them 143%.

Q: Do you have any Pre-match rituals? Anything you have a habit of doing/not doing before matches?
A: Vocalizanationizm

Q: Do you have any lucky charms that you always carry?
A: Wearing my favorite hello kitty couture and red flower realness eleganza.

Q: Who is your most admired player?
A: Wise.

Q: Tell us another player who plays the same role that you learn from.
A: Drian from ONIC INDO.

Q: Who is the member you got closest with the fastest?
A: Wise.

Q: What was the most impressive thing between you and your teammates?
A: They listen to me and respect my decisions.

Q: What do you want to say to your fans?
A: I’m just gonna make it simple. Thank you. Thank you so so so much from the bottom of my heart. I love you all!!!


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