Legendary Stars: Wrecker and CoCo share their new journey on this chapter of MPL S8

Legendary Stars: Wrecker and CoCo share their new journey on this chapter of MPL S8
Publish Date 02 Aug 2021
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Introducing Legendary Stars: An MPL PH talk show exclusively on Calamansi App. This special series gives you a deeper insight into your favorite players and personalities of MPL.

Enjoy a new experience and interact with your favorite MPL personalities. Get the latest scoop first hand and never be out of the loop! Familiar faces are waiting to greet and mingle with everyone!

Follow your favorite pro players and personalities on Calamansi, a new free type of social media based on voice for Pinoy community—where Filipinos around the world talk, tell stories, develop ideas, deepen friendships, and meet interesting new people in real-time! Catch them on the show and follow to get notified when the Legendary Stars goes live!

Tune in to our first episode this Wednesday, August 4 at 8 PM Philippine Standard time as our special guests will be RSG "Wrecker" and Bren "Coco." They will discuss topics such as their take on the new MPL brand-only format, their respective roles this season, sizzling controversies, and much more!

The series will be exclusively available on Calamansi App and will run every week on Wednesday's 8PM for the duration of MPL! Oh yeah, did I mention there will be free Skin giveaways? These Skins were hand-picked to match the guests favorite players! Just tune in, and you can win! (yes, it's that easy) To get notified when the show begins, just click on this link and click on the notification bell icon https://share.mansi.io/OcgNWY94nib.

What are you waiting for? See you there Legends!

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