It's the Tzy Showdown! Will BREN's KyleTzy be able to keep up with veteran KarlTzy of ECHO?

It's the Tzy Showdown! Will BREN's KyleTzy be able to keep up with veteran KarlTzy of ECHO?
Publish Date 19 Aug 2022
Author Marc Corrales
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Although both teams are in the process of rebuilding and reformation, BREN and ECHO are hoping to make their mark in the tenth season of the MPL. Who will be able to add another win on their record and spark momentum into their regular season run?

ECHO launched Game #1 with a flexible draft, implying some mind games onto the side of BREN. It was eventually revealed that the Tzy showdown will be composed of KarlTzy's Julian pick against KyleTzy's debut Hayabusa for his rookie season. Skirmishes were the name of the early game, as action was seen in all areas in the map. ECHO eventually assumed their dominance as a team as crucial teamfights were being won by the Orcas, enabled by the raw damage dealt by KarlTzy's Julian, and the assistance of the notable SanSan (Sanford x Sanji) connection. Although BREN's potential damage and teamfight capabilities were present from KyleTzy's Hayabusa and Jowm's Claude, ECHO manages to counterplay their opponents. With an explosive performance by ECHO, the veteran Tzy and the Orcas take the first game of the series.

Moving on to Game #2, BREN drafted a traditional meta lineup, with power picks Paquito, Valentina and Ling in the first phase, while ECHO's drafting order was unusual, having Claude as their first pick, followed by the reliable Faramis and their comfort picks Benedetta and Chou. The second game was relatively slow and steady, as neither team drew first blood in the early to mid stages of the game; it was all a matter of juggling objectives and waiting for their power spikes and timings. Death counts significantly increased by minute 10 as the game became heavy on long, sustained teamfights due to the presence of the Faramis and Valentina matchup. BREN had the upper hand in terms of map pressure, however a crucial clash which later transition to fragmented skirmishes all over the map, almost forcing a total wipeout, ultimately concluding the series 2-0 in favor of ECHO.

GAME 1 (13:52) - BREN 5 (L); ECHO 17 (W)

GAME 2 (18:43) - ECHO 14 (W); BREN 10 (L)



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