IT’S THE NEW ONIC TIME! ONIC PH proves that BREN is already past their prime

IT’S THE NEW ONIC TIME! ONIC PH proves that BREN is already past their prime
Publish Date 13 Aug 2022
Author Jerico Arguelles
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BREN Esports is looking to reclaim their former glory as they finished second to the last in MPL-PH Season 9. Despite their eagerness to redeem themselves with the hopes of entering the playoffs, the newly formed roster of ONIC-PH from Monster Anarchy has proven themselves lethal against the former M2 World Champions as they have no information on how these rookies play

​​​​​​Rapidoots’ Grock delaying the first wave of minions using his Guardian's Barrier was a huge factor for the early lead of ONIC PH in the first game. This allowed SUPER PRINCE’s Diggie to farm safely under the tower to get his Time’s Journey as soon as possible for the first turtle fight to nullify BREN’s crowd controls and established a three-level exp lead against Pheww’s Selena.

Although Jowm’s Claude has successfully scaled into the late game, the immaculate Tiktok plays of Ryota on his Chou gave Jowm a hard time despite being armed with a purify. ONIC’s early lead snowballed into three turtles, two lords, and a ten thousand gold lead. They used an evolved lord to successfully siege BREN’s base and ace the former M2 World Champions, resulting in ONIC’s win on game number one.

Despite ONIC having the momentum from their victory in game number one, BREN remained unshaken. ONIC went for an immediate trade and let go of the turtle to target BREN’s gold laner, a 4-man gank which shut down Jowm’s Beatrix in the early game. BREN executed superior positioning in the later lord dance, yet an unfortunate team fight takes down the former world champions with a wipeout by the 9-minute mark.

However, ONIC failed to end the game and their team composition eventually backfired, as they had no decent wave clear potential to support them in the latter portions of the game. BREN successfully goes for the comeback by securing two evolved lords and sieging ONIC’s base, taking game number two and extending the series to game number three.

BREN with the momentum strikes again in game number three. Securing Valentina up against a lineup including both Faramis and Atlas, which later on proved to be troublesome for ONIC-PH. Pheww’s Valentina freely roaming from lane to lane, bringing copies of either both the Cult Altar and Fatal Links, enabled BREN to take down all three outer turrets in as fast as under 6 minutes.

Securing an evolved lord and a ten thousand gold lead by the 13th-minute mark, BREN sieged ONIC’s base only to find themselves surprised and caught by Rapidoot's 5-man Fatal Links, leaving only one player for the side of BREN left to defend. ONIC surprised with a comeback, they regained control of the map, eventually securing a 2-1 against the veterans.


Game 1 (15:58) BREN ESPORTS 5 (L); ONIC PHILIPPINES 11 (W):

Game 2 (16:58) ONIC PHILIPPINES 8 (L); BREN ESPORTS 6 (W):

Game 3 (17:20) ONIC PHILIPPINES 13 (W); BREN ESPORTS 4 (L):


Game 1:

Game 2:

Game 3:


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