Hungry for Blood: The Super Team Wages a War Against The 'Best' Team

Hungry for Blood: The Super Team Wages a War Against The 'Best' Team
Publish Date 28 Aug 2022
Author Vincent Pajenago
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After the return of the royal duo, V33Wise, the rest of the squads in the tournament has been looking to go up against Blacklist International. Being lauded as the super team of MPL-PH S9, all eyes are on this match-up as they go head-to-head against the current world champions. Will the debate on who the best jungler is finally be settled as the squad of M2 MVP, KarlTzy, clashes against the team of the King of Utility Jungling, Wise? 

The decision of OhMyV33nus’ Diggie to camp Oheb’s Irithel’s lane for a marksman, Diggie combo has helped ensure that their main damage dealer had the upper hand in the laning phase. With the aim to calm the storm in Bennyqt’s Wanwan, before the fifth-minute mark, Blacklist International has already been able to secure the outer turret of the gold lane. Still, Yawi’s Chou with exquisite setups secured early pick-offs for his team. This did not faze Wise’s Balmond as he continuously takes objectives after objectives using his Lethal Counter & retribution combo. Afterward, it was easy for Hadji’s Xavier to assassinate those whose healths are low even from across the other end of the map.

The current world champions show how marvelous their macro plays are as the pick-off strategy of ECHO was rendered ineffective, they take game #1.

It was NXPE in Week #1 that revealed one of the weaknesses of the Ultimate Bonding Experience (UBE) strategy of Blacklist International. That is, overwhelm them with a lot of damage that their sustain will not be enough. This is precisely one of ECHO’s strengths—inflict chaos and aggression so much that the enemy cannot keep up. Despite almost having the same draft as the first game, ECHO braved its way against the Blacklist squad. Their only adjustment was their exp lane, SanFord, using Benedetta and Yawi in Rafaela. Using these two (2) heroes, they were able to counter the V33Wise duo by zoning out and out sustaining the duo’s heroes.

As the objective-centric team of Blacklist International was held back and overwhelmed by the continuous aggression of KarlTzy’s Julian, coupled with the sustain of Yawi’s Rafaela and Sanji’s Faramis, zoned out by SanFord’s Benedetta, and swept by Bennyqt’s Wanwan, the ECHO express chugs against them. The super team proves that they can learn and adapt accordingly, even against the supposed best team. ECHO forces a tie-breaker and takes game #2.

A push and pull. What better way to describe that series closer than a continued taunting amongst the playing teams? During the early phase of the match until the first lord, it was the Blacklist squad that was confident to march against ECHO. However, just before the 2nd lord take, a conceal play, led by Yawi’s Franco was executed by the express as they took down Oheb’s Bruno and Hadji’s Xavier which ensured that they secure the luminous lord. This has paved the way for the super team to regain their control over the map and gold lead. Still, the world champions fought back and were able to march towards the already torn base of ECHO.

It was a precise team fight play that broke the tie and resulted in the super team’s win. In the final lord take, Sanji’s Yve used the Real World Manipulation to zone out the Blacklist squad and Yawi flickered in and casted Bloody Hunt onto Wise’s Balmond which made it easy for KarlTzy’s Thamuz to take the lord. ECHO proving just why they are lauded as the super team and the house of highlight plays as they break the code and the tie, taking the series against Blacklist International, 2-1.


GAME 1 (16:56) - ECHO 10 (L); BLCK 19 (W)

GAME 2 (14:38) - ECHO 17 (W); BLCK 5 (L)

GAME 3 (17:21) - ECHO 14 (W); BLCK 9 (L)


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