Hold Up! A Historic Moment. A Different Flavor of NXPE. Batute says it’s time.

Hold Up! A Historic Moment. A Different Flavor of NXPE. Batute says it’s time.
Publish Date 09 Sep 2022
Author Jerico Arguelles
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A historical moment for Batute as Nexplay Evos banned 3 support heroes of OhMyV33NUS and immediately went for a flexible pick of Akai. Giving away both Faramis and Valentina to a prime Blacklist International roster. Nexplay prioritized a Beatrix and a Paquito while Blacklist locked in a Claude to secure their late game. In the second phase of bans, NXPE eliminated Esmeralda and Balmond while Blacklist banned Masha and Xavier. We got to see a classic Uranus and Barats from Blacklist and a Karina and Cecilion for the side of Nexplay.

Blacklist had a very dominating early game. In the first minute, Wise immediately invaded Nexplay’s jungle and was able to steal an orange buff. In addition to that, Blacklist secured all three turtles uncontested. Very magnificent ganks from Blacklist ensuring the pressure on the side of NXPE. By the 10-minute mark, Blacklist was able to take the Lord for free, wiping out the remaining outer turret of NXPE. Ube strategy from Blacklist International was proven to be very troublesome to the side of Nexplay as they had a really hard time killing anyone because of Cult Altar and Blacklist also having a Heavy Spin. By the 14-minute mark, every tower of Nexplay has been demolished. Kzen was able to secure a good spot to flank Blacklist, he almost killed Oheb’s Claude unfortunately, Blacklist was just too far ahead with ten thousand (10000) gold lead. A minute later, the Lord spawned forcing Nexplay to react. Blacklist left the Lord and outmaneuvered Nexplay killing 4 of its members. With Renejay solo defending, Blacklist took game number one.


For game number two, Blacklist immediately locked Faramis and let go of Donut’s Wanwan. We also get to see a surprising Paquito roam from the man himself, Batute and the iconic Natalia jungle of Wise had a comeback this game.

A disastrous early game for the side Nexplay Evos, giving away four kills to none in less than 2 minutes. Another huge team fight erupted as the second turtle spawned, Batute’s Paquito managed to isolate OhMyV33NUS using 2 Knockout Punches. Securing their first kill against the M3 World Champions, however, Wise was able to secure the turtle despite only having 4 members in exchange for Edward’s Dyroth. At the 8-minute mark, Nexplay had a superior positioning over the turtle pit but despite that, Wise was able to secure retribution into the turtle once again, extending their gold lead to Four Thousand (4000). A huge 5-man Mystic Field from LanceCy’s Xavier ensured a safe disengage for the side of Nexplay.

A few skirmishes happened around the map, which Nexplay happily took as they managed to shrink the gold lead down to two thousand (2000). During the first Lord fight, Kzen’s Saber had a huge catch as he killed Wise’s Natalia, eliminating the Retribution holder of Blacklist. By the 13-minute mark, Nexplay turned the gold lead around. However, OhMyV33NUS’ Noumenon Blast engaged Batute and LanceCy in the middle lane and returned the momentum to their side instantly, trading three for one. After an even trade right after the lord spawned at the 15-minute mark, Nexplay tried to burst down the Lord instantly unfortunately, Wise was the one who secured the objective. In addition to that, Blacklist had huge kills on DONUT’s Wanwan, Renejay’s Esmeralda, and Batute’s Paquito sealing the fate of Nexplay Evos. Blacklist ended this historical moment for Batute as they sink Nexplay into the bottom of regular season.




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