H2WO is Back for the Pack, Assists Team Rekindle Flame to Sweep BREN Esports 2-0

H2WO is Back for the Pack, Assists Team Rekindle Flame to Sweep BREN Esports 2-0
Publish Date 28 Mar 2022
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Tournament upsetters and veterans BREN Esports look to keep their hopes up after taking down the top dogs ECHO and ONIC in sweeping fashion and will now face internet sensation and troublemakers NXPE, who are sitting at fifth place and are slowly securing a playoffs slot.

Hopes are high for BREN as despite sitting at the bottom of the ladder, they are still breathing with all the oxygen that they can inhale to stay in the playoffs spotlight.

The new meta is yet to be witnessed for NXPE for this season as they lock in the usual heroes for the first matchup, with H2WO back in action as the Paquito jungle, and Renejay locking in Chou as the players to look out for on BREN’s end.

BREN have made adjustments not just from the hero picks but also to their roster by putting in Lord Malik, Jowm, Stowm, Pandora and Lusty, a roster that reaped success in their recent matches.

BREN started out strong in the first game by securing the objectives and turrets to help the item dependent composition that they have formulated, especially Jowm’s Karrie. NXPE had boxes to tick though, in which they trailed the early lead with kills and skirmishes that favored the current patch, which then allowed YellyHaze's Yve to deal damage from afar and become the artillery necessary for victory.

With the snowballing opportunity for BREN halted, NXPE punished all errors that they could look into, and escalated the scoreboard to take down the bright shining base of BREN and take their team to series point.

NXPE felt confident in their first win which made them lock in the same composition except for the Hylos in exchange for Gloo on Ureshiii for the second game, which again proved to be an effective formula in their experiments.

BREN however, went for an aggressive composition that highlighted the Ling from Lord Malikk, a Phoveus for Pandora, and Lusty’s Baxia that positioned itself for the roaming position.

Similar to what happened in the first game, BREN Esports had a hopeful start with kills that enabled Pandora to scare off his opponent in the gold lane. The Clint for DONUT however, brought a sweeter taste of success in terms of the overall damage and lane presence against the Uranus of Jowm.

A draft for BREN that featured hard - engage was still not enough because of the protection of URESHIII and Renejay’s Chou which allowed DONUT to maximize his own space and deal enough damage for himself that became the biggest headache for BREN Esports.

With a flurry of bullets and aerial assaults coming from Yellyhaze’s Yve, DONUT finished the series with 9 kills and zero deaths, giving them the series sweep victory in another flawless fashion for the night.

With this loss, BREN Esports’ hopes for playoff contention becomes dimmer while NXPE secures their own points for the night.

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Picks and Bans

Game 1: NXPE (W) 18 - 8 (L) BREN (17:26)

Game 2: NXPE (W) 19 - 6 (L) BREN (17:48)


Game 1

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