Publish Date 18 Feb 2022
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Fresh from the world championships, both grand finalists find their way to each other once more as the openers of the MPL-PH S9. However, this time, we see the champions in a different form. A different shade of black is yet to be shown to everyone, and is still in the making for Blacklist International. Meanwhile, ONIC Philippines, with their same roster and superior chemistry, dominate the first-ever game of season 9.

Moments towards the end of the first game, there was this much of a discrepancy between the gold of both teams, eventually making BLCK's defense crumble with the immense damage that they could no longer sustain from ONIC PH's near-perfect execution of the early game and their burst-type of lineup.

Just when we thought that the second game was a mere replay of what happened in the first game where ONIC remained to start the game strong despite the double-tank setup introduced to us by BLCK, Edward comes in with a precise utilization of the Dyrroth and immediately hands over the momentum which was once in the hands of ONIC to his team. Despite such, putting an end to the game prevailed as the next major struggle that BLCK had to overcome, with the endless wave clear that ONIC PH's lineup had to provide.

Nonetheless, the 27-minute second game was put to an end after BLCK successfully forces out ONIC PH to contest the lord and provide backup after getting consecutive pickoffs against their team, together with their effective wave management which put an end to the game after forcing ONIC PH to a point of no return.

Coming in to the last match of this series, the most aggressive of picks come into play from both of the teams, but as expected from Kairi's Fanny, the early game swiftly falls into the hands of ONIC PH.

With less than 12 minutes into the game, BLCK is left with little to no towers left and a clear lead is in the hands of ONIC PH. When the enhanced lord finally spawned, it simply took 20 seconds for ONIC PH to take it down as they were eager more than ever to secure the first series of the season. However, Aulus being the passive scaling type of hero that he is, did not allow for ONIC to close the game as they please as Kevier gives an opening for his team to turn things around, but ONIC does not allow for this opening to turn into a path as their decision-making prevails and gives them the win they were eager for.

GAME 1 (14:01) - BLCK 6 (L); ONIC 14 (W)

GAME 2 (27:04) - BLCK 12 (W); ONIC 12 (L)

GAME 3 (23:56) - BLCK 12 (L); ONIC 22 (W)


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