Echo standing Loud and Proud after a reverse sweep against TNC

Echo standing Loud and Proud after a reverse sweep against TNC
Publish Date 28 Aug 2022
Author Jerico Arguelles
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Echo with textbook Diggie + Marksman combo depleting outer turret gold plating of TNC just before the 5 minutes mark. However, TNC was able to secure multiple kills in the early game equalizing the gold lead of Echo. Escalera's Feather Airstrike was proven troublesome as it was used to poke the squishy members of Echo and check bushes. As the second Lord spawned, there was a huge team fight that broke out. Zaida managed to secure the Lord using his Heavy Spin to zone out TNC's jungler. However, it was not without a cost as TNC chased down the backing members of Echo.

Yasuwo was able to activate Cross Bow of Tang just in time to kill two members of Echo. Kramm wanted to take the middle tower but OUTPLAYED retaliated using his Wesker + Flicker combo killing him in return. A lord dance broke out at the 16th-minute mark, lasting for a minute. As the Lord's hitpoints went below 15k, both teams immediately engaged. Zaida used his Heavy Spin to zone out SDzyz but in the end, Escalera's Pharsa was the one that took down the Lord. TNC immediately grabbed their opportunity and chased down yet again the members of Echo killing Kurtzy in the process. Echo was able to defend, prolonging the game just until the next Lord. But this time around surprisingly, Echo had a superior position over the Lord pit securing the objective. However, Kramm did not care about the team fight and just pushed the middle lane, taking Echo's base just after the Lord spawned.

In game number two, there were a lot of small skirmishes in the early game. Echo and TNC trading back and forth maintaining a very close gold between the two teams. Split pushing is the name of the game as SDzyz secured the top lane tower of Echo, putting pressure on the super team. But as the lord spawned, Echo had superior manpower and positioning. They were able to secure the Lord as well as SDzyz' Benedetta. Echo sieged TNC's base but was unable to push beyond the inhibitor turret as Benthings was able to land a 4-man Noumenon Blast, killing Jaypee's Atlas in the process and forcing Echo to back off. 

Just before the second Lord spawned, 3Mar found a lonely Yve in the bottom lane and immediately flicked to zone it out away from his teammates. 3Mar continued to chase Escalera's Yve until KurTzy's Dawning Light found its target, earning a Mega Kill. Unaware that Jaypee was already in the perfect position to set up for Echo, TNC tried to contest the Lord only to find themselves a two-man Fatal Links + Dawning Light combo on their 2 glass canons. TNC was able to defend their base and eventually made a comeback as Kramm's Masha found the right targets. However, Echo was able to take back their momentum, as they found Yasuwo's Popol and Kupa as well as Escalera's Yve. Ending the game in the process, extending the third series of the day to game number three as well.

For game number three, TNC Pro Team was able to secure three turtle takes in a row. However, as they find themselves in the middle lane, a huge skirmish happened. Echo was able to punish TNC 2 for none, closing the ever-increasing gold lead. Unfortunately for TNC, they continued to make multiple mistakes as they transition to mid-game, giving away the gold lead they built to their opponent. Meanwhile, Echo had a fantastic objective-team fight positioning, they grabbed the second Lord and dissected TNC as they scatter around the map only leaving SDzyz' Thamuz. After gaining huge momentum, Echo took the last Lord uncontested. They sieged and took down TNC's base despite the unwavering resistance of their opponent, leaving TNC with a series losing streak.



GAME 1 (22:45): TNC PRO TEAM 10 (W); ECHO 6 (L)

GAME 2 (24:45): ECHO 16 (W); TNC PRO TEAM 11 (L)

GAME 3 (17:05): TNC Pro Team 4 (L); ECHO  10 (W)





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