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With the recent tweaks of ECHO's lineup Jaymeister and Invoker are now suited up against RSG. But even so, it wasn't enough to conquer Demonkite and the rest of RSG Philippines.

With the new players, a lot of people were expecting that RSG will struggle in reading the draft of ECHO. In game 1, it became true because of the surprise Aldous pick. RSG had a great team composition for the early game but they failed to disrupt the farming capability of Hadess. They just bought time and delayed Demonkite in securing objectives while Hadess is chillin' on the side securing objectives and pushing the turrets. Jay became the sacrificial lamb for their team to provide information but always gets caught up in the fight. The immune of Martis played by Heath really is challenging, there were times that the Tyrants Rage set up of Jay gets cancelled just because of the Mortal Coil given by Heath. But with the Dominance Ice secured by Jay, things changed and the Esmeralda of Nathzz struglled during team fights. The lord secure by Hadess was possible because of the pressure that was given by his teammates while Demonkite was trying to secure his purple buff. When the clash took place at the base of RSG, Hadess decided to go for the tower lock and secured the win.

Tables have turned on the second game, Nathzz with the paquito focused on the sidelanes just to put enough pressure while building up items on his own. His teammates, on the other hand keeps on invading the purple buff to slow down Hadess in going online. Without any items to counter regeneration and healing, ECHO had a hard time picking off enemies because of the Holy healing provided by Heath's Rafaela. Team fights on the late game mark were siding to RSG since Nathzz with the Paquito manages to out position every opponent by securing a spot from the back line. Rk3 cannot provide damage to its full potential because of the threat. This paved the way for RSG to push a deciding game.

Demonkite popped off on the third game, securing a 100% kill participation all throughout the match. Heath managed to get revenge for a defeat with his Martis in game 1. Aqua's Lylia with purify makes the ejector useless, and even if it connects there goes the black shoes to save himself. With skills burned from ECHO's side, Demonkite finishes them off one by one with the lycan pounce. RSG knew that they needed to finish the game early because the opposing team had a better fighting chance when they have their items secured. It was Granger's debut for MPL Season 8 but the double marksman together with Bennyqt's Natan didn't work out. With a clean execution on game 3, Demonkite managed to outlast the Demon King Hadess.


GAME 1 ECHO WIN: 7-5 (19:01)


GAME 2 RSG WIN: 27-14 (28:34)


GAME 3 RSG WIN: 11-4 (16:55)





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