Check ka sa'ken. Yawi's Return to make Echo Undefeated in the Group Stage!

Check ka sa'ken. Yawi's Return to make Echo Undefeated in the Group Stage!
Publish Date 04 Jan 2023
Author Patrick Gallego Santos
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After having a break, Yawi finally made his debut in the M4 Worlds Championship versus RSG Singapore. Echo can go to the upper bracket undefeated if they can defeat RSG. How will Yawi's return affect Echo and how will they fare against the world after completing their original main 5 line up?

The draft started out with Echo banning out the utility heroes of RSG that includes: diggie, kaja, and martis, while RSG banned the main heroes of Sanji and the wanwan of Bennyqt. Echo started out with picking karrie over gloo and the main hero of Yawi: chou. RSG answered with counters with fredrinn and lolita. While finishing both of their drafts with their damage dealers and side lanes. Echo has an edge in the early game along side in the late game, while RSG has an edge in the mid game if they can get the items needed by the benedetta, pharsa, and beatrix. 

The game started off with the early "cut throat" of Karltzy's fanny and "the way of the dragon" of Yawi's chou that led them to get the early kills on RSG and the gold lead along with it. RSG has no choice but to give up the turtle as the zoning potential of Echo is just too much and Karltzy was even able to steal the 2nd turtle with his amazing dodge on lolita's skill and finally using the retribution on the turtle. They transitioned to their mid game by abusing the ultimate skill of chou and the karrie's passive as Echo was able to melt through the tank of RSG every time he tried to check the bush. This happened numerous times which gave them full map control and was able to distract the rest of the members of RSG for Karltzy and Bennyqt to quickly finish the game before RSG was able to get back to their base.


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