BREN's Redemption Arc Continues With Another Win on Their Belt

BREN's Redemption Arc Continues With Another Win on Their Belt
Publish Date 11 Mar 2023
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The golden teams have faced again; one team forging their potential dominance, while the other attempts to make a statement emerging from the amateur scene. How will BREN and ONIC test their strengths on each other? Will Kekedoot keep up with Owgwen?


Respect bans were the name of the game for the drafting phase for the first game. Nonetheless, Fredrinn was open and up for grabs for the side of ONIC. In response, BREN secured Lapu-Lapu and Valentina for themselves. ONIC drafted Pharsa and Ruby for SUPER FRINCE and Kekedoot respectively - a good combo of control and damage. BREN then answered back with a Karrie pick. Overall, both teams revolve around good crowd control, sustain and damage useful for both pick offs and teamfights.

ONIC took the early advantage as they secured the first Turtle, but BREN later on started winning skirmishes and other objectives. The pressure brought by Owgwen’s Khufra enabled the Hive to easily take down ONIC’s outer turrets. As the first Lord spawned, a messy teamfight transpired, where BREN took down most of the members from ONIC; Super Marco was free at the backline dealing damage, while Pheww managed to set the tempo for his team. After the first Lord push, ONIC were left with their inhibitor turrets as their last line of defense. It was BREN’s game to lose with the huge lead they possessed; they easily secured the next Lord and attempted to break into ONIC’s base. However, BREN’s plan was just to tear down the inhibitor towers and patiently wait for the next Lord take. But with a pickoff onto Nets, it gave BREN the opportunity to end the first game, 1-0 in their favor.


Picks were almost similar, with a change of marksman for the side of BREN during the first phase of the draft. BREN took Martis as their jungler this time, while ONIC picked Beatrix and Terizla as their sidelines. As the last pick, BREN drafted Owgwen’s signature Atlas. Both ONIC and BREN would rely on their Midlaners and Gold laners’ damage and scaling to secure the latter stages of this game.

BREN started the game by winning a skirmish around the Turtle area, but it was ONIC who secured the first Turtle. BREN effectively found kills around the map, while ONIC had a hard time seeking opportunities to do the same. Despite all of this, the gold difference was minimal during the early stage of the game. Slowly but surely, BREN effectively took down ONIC’s inner and outer turrets. Eventually, BREN secured the first Lord after winning a successful teamfight. By the 14th minute, BREN stood with a solid 10,000 gold lead against ONIC, amplified by the second Lord take. The sheer dominance of the Hive led to them easily finding the base of the Hedgehogs, resulting in a clean sweep for the side of BREN, 2-0.



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