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If there's one thing TNC wanted to prove, it's that whether debut season or veterans, all players are equal in MLBB's Pro Scene.

After a hard-fought series win yesterday against RSG, TNC keep their momentum up and running in Day 2 of Week 6 in hopes of completing the Cinderella run and rise to the standings as they look to take down BREN Esports in their rematch. BREN drafted for a long clash and duel sustain with Yin Sun Shin picked up by KarlTzy and Lapulapu for FlapTzy along with Ribo taking Kaja to pick off TNC with off guard. TNC countered the damage output by locking in Harith for Kousei, P – God’s signature pick Selena and Chuuu’s Hayabusa for isolation and individual peeling. BREN capitalized aggression in the early game with the Soul Bloom from Mathilda and crowd control threat from Lusty’s Khufra waiting for picture perfect tyrant’s revenge to secure any kill. TNC however contested the aggression with their own hero pool by making sure the abyssal arrow is able to be backed up by the damage, scoring the first kill against Lusty. As the map control is turned over to the side of TNC, Chuuu made sure to secure the turtles and roam around the map to peel off the health bars and force recalls to delay the scaling potential of the opposing side. TNC maximized the lead their opponent has handed to them as the squad fearlessly dove in for the kills and turret takedowns leading into the mid to late game phase. BREN were left gasping for air when the aggression went on with no sign of stopping for TNC. The Khufra pick was nailed down and remained powerless all throughout the game as the prowess of their opponents made sure his bandages are the ones wrapping himself around. With the lead all over TNC, they had their eyes locked in on the nexus, keeping their hopes alive and take game 1.

TNC went for a heavy magic damage composition for game 2 with 3martzy’s Ruby as the only tank and frontliner for the team. BREN, hoping to come back, went for assassins that looked into picking off the squishy lineup TNC had drafted. Lusty bounced back in the second game by locking in Chou and utilizing the mobility for map control and easy setups for assassination for Phewww’s Harley and Karltzy’s Hayabusa. BREN made sure to keep the favor in their hands, funneling the gold and taking advantage of the lead they secured in the early game. The squishy draft by TNC proved to be the key to victory for the opposing side. The lack of frontline and mobility made the team sluggish in scaling and lose their laning tempo up until the midgame. BREN, with the lord secured in the 10 - minute mark, confidently shoved themselves into the enemy base and set their eyes on the prize, engaging in clashes that would look like they are still the masters and veterans of the league. TNC was left scarred by the unkillable KarlTzy and scurried themselves around their nexus, slowly being eliminated one by one until BREN decided to keep the long story short and end the game within 13 minutes to take game 2 and force a series decider.

Game 3 started with a tussle of both teams desperate to take the lead and own the map to themselves. Kills were exchanged and the laning phase was overlooked as all members of both teams opted to roam and secure kills. BREN took the scoreboard to them as TNC committed too much in engages which gave up the turtle in the early game. TNC’s comfort picks were the threat to the eyes of BREN where the young talents are eager to topple over the former champions. Both teams bowed to no one as the battles were seen equal without giving any compromise and cloaking any window of error anyone could pass through. BREN, however, with the stabilizing composition, snowballed into the midgame with three turtles secured and a chance to muster the lord and charge into the enemy base. TNC struggled to keep up with the BREN’s pace in the midgame leading into the endgame as the lead slowly crawled into the hands of the red side with KarlTzy’s Sun pick proved to be a worthy opponent to take down. A clash in the lord’s pit 16 minutes into the game signaled an error for TNC when KarlTzy rushed into the enemy’s numbers and maximized the Doppelgangers into his advantage to stay toe to toe with the man and damage advantage. With TNC leaving their base open, BREN did not hesitate to charge in and spam recalls to light up their victory and win the series decider and dim TNC’s green light to the playoffs.

GAME 1: TNC WIN 14-2 (16:52)

GAME 2: BREN WIN 15-8 (13:25)

GAME 3: BREN WIN 14-8 (16:33)



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