BREN Esports prevails against Smart Omega in the battle of the two of the longest-lived franchisees

BREN Esports prevails against Smart Omega in the battle of the two of the longest-lived franchisees
Publish Date 19 Mar 2023
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Two of the longest-lived Franchisees in the League clash. Will BREN Esports prevail their seven-series streak or will Smart Omega remains the poison of the League?

As the Game 1 drafting starts, BREN Esports targeting ban Kadita and Pharsa while Smart Omega banned Fanny & Joy. BREN Esports prioritized Fredrinn & Valentina, OMG answered back with Faramis and TANKcelot. In their second phase of banning, they banned Lolita & Franco they removed the pick-off threat for both teams. While Kelra picked one of his signature-pick Beatrix and Super Marco also gets his comfortable pick with Claude.

Both teams played technically in the first six-minute as the first blood was secured by BREN as they killed Renzio’s Arlott. Early to Mid-game, BREN continues to give Smart Omega a hard time securing objectives. All of a sudden, Smart Omega maintain their composure to fight back and secured a mirror trade to get more turrets and space for Kelra to have more time to complete his damaged items. BREN Esports takes the first Lord but Smart Omega defended their base and survives the Super Marco Onslaught. The third lord was very crucial for both of the teams, but Raizen, throughout the whole game, struggled to get a Lord he successfully stole the last Lord and Smart Omega gets two kills. Lord is marching in the middle lane with a five-man push, Smart Omega secures the victory with an intense Game 1.

Game 2 started with a Faramis & Diggie ban from Smart Omega. Meanwhile, BREN Esports still banned their usual ban with Kadita-Pharsa, the same as Game 1. Smart Omega secured a Fanny & Fredrinn pick to negate the Jungler potential pick for KyleTzy. BREN Esports picked Valentina and Beatrix for their damage. Smart Omega pulled off a Harith Gold Laner for Kelra and KyleTzy picked a Hayabusa Jungler for a better one-man rotation for BREN.

Safety-first gameplay in the early game for both teams. BREN Esports started to set the tone, KyleTzy’s Hayabusa throwing daggers at Raizen’s Fanny a few times. Three consecutive Lord have been secured by BREN Esports and continuously punishing and pushing all the lanes of Smart Omega. A dominating Game 2 is secured by KyleTzy and the rest of the Gang with a Legendary Win as they force a Game 3.

BREN Esports started the banning phase, the same as the first two games as they banned Kadita and Pharsa, while Smart Omega as well, banned Fanny, Joy & Wanwan. Smart Omega picked Chou and & Valentina and BREN answered back with Beatrix & Arlott. On their last phase of picking, BREN Esports picked a Ling & Kagura.

The game started in this do-or-die Game 3, Smart Omega dominated the entire first 10 minutes of the game with early 9-0 kills. But the gold lead remains small for Smart Omega. BREN Esports manages to steal the first lord and creates a lot of space for them to have more breathing room. Even though Smart Omega has the early kill advantage, BREN didn’t just give up and fought very hard to bounce back and turned this game around. Raizen takes down the fourth and final Lord but BREN Esports killed their opponents one by one and takes home another Reverse Sweep & an another Epic Comeback for this Sunday thriller.






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