Blacklist International VS TNC: A battle for Redemption

Blacklist International VS TNC: A battle for Redemption
Publish Date 18 Feb 2023
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Having lost both of their first match ups in MPL PH season 11, Blacklist and TNC look to win their first series in season 11. Looking to make changes, Blacklist Renejay makes his debut in the league hoping to be the key in winning the series. TNC on the other hand continues to utilize their whole 10 man roster. Will TNC be able to decode Blacklist? Or will Renejay serve as a pillar to TNC in winning the series?

Moving on to the first draft of the game, Blacklist looks to ban out pick off heroes such as Kaja, Kadita, and Natalia. While TNC bans out the flexible picks of Joy, Valentina, and Wanwan. Blacklist formatted their draft following their popular UBE strategy by picking the Estes and Faramis. Later on, they finish off their draft with Wise’s signature Fredrinn. TNC follows a more traditional draft by picking Claude and Benedetta. At the second half of the draft, TNC surprised the crowd once more by picking up Hanzo who had barely seen time in MPL. 

The game starts with both teams following the basic rotation. With SAXAJAGO’s Hanzo, he was able to farm at a faster pace which led to him gaining his ultimate way quicker compared to Wise. With this, he was able to start ganks as early as the first minute. Both teams scaled up equally all the way till the first turtle in which Blacklist proves to be successful in taking down the first turtle. The gold lead all throughout the early to mid game seemed quite small with Blacklist’s lead only floating around 1,000 gold despite having taken all the Turtle objectives. During the late game, Blacklist is still successful with their objective game taking all the available Lords while TNC with their line up was able to defend their base every Blacklist Lord take. Unfortunately for TNC, Blacklist with their third Lord pushing TNC’s base proved to be too much as Blacklist aimed for the base of TNC taking the first win. 

Game two’s draft starts off with TNC bringing in their second five man lineup led by Benthings. They respect ban out three heroes of OhMyV33NUS namely Estes, Kaja, and Diggie. TNC then proceeds to draft an all around type of lineup by securing the Joy, Claude and Pharsa. They finish off their draft with flexible picks Hayabusa and Khufra. Blacklist for their bans take out traditionally meta picks such as the Wanwan and Fanny. They then seem to still follow a semi-UBE strategy by picking Valentina and Faramis. Super Red and Renejay still lock in their Brody and Lapu-Lapu which were also used in the first game. Wise makes the crowd cheer with his signature Guinevere pick. 

The game starts with Blacklist’s Renejay along with his team taking first blood by taking down Hesu’s Joy. This allows Blacklist to gain the advantage during the first turtle in which they are able to successfully take. A back-and-forth for both teams happens during the early game where they trade off towers and kill with one another waiting for the next turtle spawn. K1NGKONG proves to be more aggressive now with combatting Wise in objectives as he successfully steals the second turtle from Blacklist. Even with the steal, Blacklist is still able to hold a gold lead of around 2,800 until the first lord. Blacklist continues to hold a comfortable gold lead, securing lords and taking TNC’s inhibitors. It is until the third lord where TNC starts to even out the gold and eventually take over the gold lead from Blacklist. As a lord dance starts for the third lord, Blacklist tries to secure the lord but unfortunately for them, Wise gets picked off after a set from Benthings, TNC is on track to secure the lord. Yue with his explosive plays, saves Blacklist and secures the lord without retribution and even takes down Innocent. TNC then starts to crumble as they start losing more members as eventually Blacklist makes it to their base and takes game two winning them the series. 


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